Week In Sloth: Goodbye “Burn Notice, Hello Robocroc

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Thursday 12

“Burn Notice” (USA 7pm) USA’s fun retired spy drama comes to an end with Michael trying to regain the trust of those around him in order to finish what he started.

“CBS Fall Preview” (KRQE-13 7:30pm) Who will be solving crimes this season on CBS? Find out tonight.

Friday 13

“Target Earth” (H2 7pm) Not sure how something that hasn’t happened yet counts as history, but History 2 gathers together a bunch of scientists and military specialists to speculate on ways the human race might be vulnerable to potential alien invasion.

Saturday 14

Sins of the Preacher (Lifetime 6pm) Lifetime Network workhorse Gail O’Grady (Sex & the Single Mom, Another Woman’s Husband, Every 9 Seconds) stars in this pic about a woman who tries to prove her son-in-law murdered her daughter.

Garage Sale Mystery (Hallmark 7pm) Lori Loughlin (“Full House”) stars in this garage sale-centric murder mystery based on the novel by Suzi Weinert.

Robocroc (Syfy 7pm) With its increasingly ridiculous titles, Syfy’s original movies are rapidly becoming must-see TV. Bonus points for casting Dee Wallace (E.T. The Extraterrestrial, Cujo, The Howling).

Sunday 15

“Liv & Maddie” (Disney 6pm) Disney crosses “Hannah Montana” with “The Patty Duke Show.” Dove Cameron plays identical twins—one of whom is a basketball jock, the other of whom is a girly-girl TV star.

“Miss America 2014” (KOAT-7 8pm) C’mon, it’s not all bad. It keeps Donald Trump off the streets for a few hours.

“The Great Santini Brothers” (History 8pm) If you’re a moving company junkie, your prayers have been answered. There’s finally a reality show about people who pack up and move other people’s stuff. On a side note: Have these guys ever seen The Great Santini? Not the best role model, really.

Monday 16

“Dancing With the Stars” (KOAT-7 7pm) Might be worth it just to see Bill Nye merengue.

“Heavy Metal Monsters” (Weather 7pm) Not a Syfy movie, but a new show about the largest machines on the planet flying, sailing and driving through the worst Mother Nature can throw at them.

“Sleepy Hollow” (KASA-2 8pm) In the continuing quest to commodify every fairy tale in existence, FOX rips apart Washinton Irving’s tale of a haunted schoolteacher and turns it into the tale of a Revolutionary War super soldier who travels through time to battle one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Tuesday 17

“Dads” (KASA-2 7pm) Happy bachelors/video game designers Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi find their nerdy-go-lucky lives disrupted when their cranky old dads (Martin Mull, Peter Riegert) move in with them.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (KASA-2 7:30pm) Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Terry Crews and Joe Lo Truglio star in this workplace sitcom about detectves at a dysfunctional police station.

Wednesday 18

“Survivor” (KRQE-13 7pm) Former contestants return with a loved one in tow to see if they can deafeat each other (and apparently their own family members) in the 27th (!) season of “Survivor.”
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