Week In Sloth: Hbo’s “Big Love” Polygamist Drama Goes Off The Air; Syfy Gives “Top Chef” Loser Marcel Vigneron A Weekly Excuse To Break Out The Liquid Nitrogen

The Week In Sloth

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Thursday 17

“Destination Truth: Live from Ireland—The Search for the Banshee Ghost” (Syfy 5 p.m.) What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than a live, 240-minute search for a banshee. Or a leprechaun with a box of Lucky Charms. Or whatever. … You’d better be drunk for this one, because these live ghost-hunter shows are bo-o-oring.

“Blonde vs. Bear” (Animal Planet 8 p.m.) Suicidal nature lover Ann Bryant risks her life to protect black bears in the Lake Tahoe area from humans.

Friday 18

“Supernanny” (KOAT-7 7 p.m.) It’s time for the series finale. I’ll miss you, “Supernanny.”

Saturday 19

Time After Time (Hallmark 7 p.m.) Sadly this is not a remake of the Malcolm McDowell / David Warner, “H.G. Wells fights Jack the Ripper in 20 th -century San Francisco” time-travel thriller. Instead, it’s a time-travel soap opera about a reporter (Kaj-Erik Eriksen from “The Commish”) who gets romantic advice from his future self (Richard Thomas, John-Boy from “The Waltons”).

Sunday 20

“Big Love” (HBO 7 p.m.) HBO’s polygamist drama goes off the air after five seasons. Hey, “Sister Wives” is still on. Cold comfort, that.

“Ultimate Cleaners” (TLC 8 p.m.) This week, the Wheel of Blue Collar Jobs That Don’t Yet Have Reality Shows lands on … well, TLC has a more extreme-sounding term for it, but I’m gonna go with “maids.”

Monday 21

“Rip the Runway” (BET 8 p.m.) Actor Mehcad Brooks, model Selita Ebanks and singer Keri Hilson are among the celebrities at BET’s annual hip-hop-meets-fashion show.

“James May’s Road Trip” (BBC America 8:20 p.m.) Laddish “Top Gear” host James May teams up with wine connoisseur Oz Clarke for a motorized trip through vineyard country. A Jaguar XJS is employed in France. But the boys motor-home-it-up along the California coast.

Tuesday 22

“Best in Film: The Greatest Movies of Our Times” (KOAT-7 8 p.m.) ABC and People magazine join forces to … well, waste a couple of hours of network airtime by having Tom Bergeron and Cynthia McFadden read the results of an online poll. Interviews with Harrison Ford, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Newton-John are there to liven things up.

“Big Brian: The Fortune Seller” (truTV 8 p.m.) Joining truTV’s lineup of dubious, carbon-copied-from-other-networks “reality” shows is this awesome new addition. It’s about a guy who supervises estate auctions. And since it’s on truTV, it should feature plenty of highly scripted arguments and at least one knockdown, drag-out fight with bikers for no discernible reason.

“Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen” (Syfy 8 p.m.) A cooking show about molecular gastronomy is pushing the bounds of science fiction (sorry, “syfy”) just about as far as they’ll go. Still, “Top Chef” loser Marcel Vigneron now has a weekly excuse to break out the liquid nitrogen.
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