Week In Sloth: “Las Vegas Law,” “Lenny Kraviz Live” And “Mike & Molly”

Week In Sloth: “Las Vegas Law,” “Lenny Kraviz Live” And “Mike & Molly”

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Thursday 12

“Las Vegas Law” (Investigation Discovery 8pm) I feel bad for Investigation Discovery. They’re basically the 24/7 “COPS” network, but without actual “COPS.” It’s like the TV equivalent of a knockoff Disney store in Thailand filled with “Mickey Moose” dolls.

Friday 13

“Just Let Go: Lenny Kravitz Live” (Showtime 6pm) With Prince now shuffled off this mortal coil, it falls to lesser shoulders to carry the sexy funk-rock burden.

Saturday 14

“Apple & Onion” (Cartoon Network 12:30pm) After several years as a storyboard illustrator on “Gumball,” George Gendi gets his own show about food-based best friends.

Tulips in Spring (Hallmark 7pm) When a young interior designer (Fiona Gubelmann from “Wilfred”) learns her father has broken his leg, she rushes home to rural Washington because her help is desperately needed at the family tulip farm. Will she choose love and farming or the big-city life? I wonder.

“My Floating Home” (FYI 8:30pm) Are you talking fancy houseboats or single-family dwellings in Houston?

Death Force (TCM 12am) TCM digs deep for this grindhouse/blaxploitation film. Filipino director Ciro H. Santiago made almost 100 bargain basement action films, including this 1978 revenge flick starring Leon Isaac Kennedy (from the cult-hit Penitentiary series) and his wife, former Miss Ohio Jayne Kennedy.

Sunday 15

United Shades of America” (CNN 8pm) Having hung out with KKK members in the South, comedian W. Kamau Bell heads to Camden, N.J. to talk to some trigger-happy policemen for his new documentary series.

“Map of Hell” (National Geographic 7pm) Host Danny Trejo (whoa, really?) sets out to discover the origins of the concept of Hell.

Monday 16

“Mike & Molly” (KRQE-13 7:30pm) Melissa McCarthy/Billy Gardell’s romantic sitcom goes off the air after six seasons and roughly 10,000 fat jokes.

“Gotham” (KASA-2 7pm) Well, it’s about time! Mad scientist Dr. Hugo Strange finally brings fan fave villain Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) back to life. Hopefully this will inject some life back into the show as well.

Tuesday 17

“Megyn Kelly Presents” (KASA-2 7pm) Donald Trump’s favorite journalist gets her own celebrity interview show on FOX.

“Coupled” (KASA-2 8pm) Single women in bikinis compete for the attentions of various buff dudes in FOX’ umpteeth attempt to marry off every straight person in America.

Wednesday 18

“Genius By Stephen Hawking” (KNME-5 8pm) Super brainiac Stephen Hawking explains various scientific concepts to us mere mortals—such as tonight’s premiere episode in which we learn why we can or cannot time travel.

Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives (Showtime 7pm) This musical documentary traces the impact of what has been called “the best hip-hop radio show of all time,” the “Stretch and Bobbito Show” on New York’s WKCR. The film is directed by DJ Bobbito García, though, and he may be a bit biased.

“Blue Collar Backers” (Discovery 8pm) Think “Shark Tank” but with less popular sharks. You know, like nurse sharks, carpet sharks, that kinda thing.
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