Week In Sloth: “Nfl Kickoff 2015,” “#Dancebattle America,” “The Bastard Executioner”

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Thursday 10

“Longmire” (Netflix anytime) Season 4 of this shot-in-New Mexico (set-in-Wyoming) cop series shows up on Netflix for a change.

“Football Night in America: NFL Kickoff 2015” (KOB-4 6:30pm) The season starts off with Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots.

“Under the Dome” (KRQE-13 9pm) After three seasons, CBS has canceled this loose Stephen King adaptation. So tonight, the dome is coming down in a hasty series finale.

Friday 11

“Think It Up” (KOB-4 7pm) Celebrities help spotlight stories of teachers and students working together on important educational projects. Sounds like a worthy cause. Also sounds like the kind of thing networks slap on the air the week before season premieres.

Saturday 12

“Game Shakers” (Nickelodeon 6:30pm) Kel Mitchell (’90s star of “All That” and “Kenan & Kel”) returns to Nickelodeon for this kiddie sitcom about a couple of schoolkids who turn a 7th-grade computer science project into a multimillion-dollar video game.

Ferrell Takes the Field (HBO 8pm) Last year actor Will Ferrell went to five spring-training ballparks and played 10 different positions on 10 different major league baseball teams in a single day. This comic documentary chronicles his marathon feat.

Sunday 13

Welcome Home (UP 5pm) A novelist (Luke Perry) with writer’s block (because all novelists have writer’s block) returns home from a vacation to find a homeless woman and her children squatting in his home. I sense a marriage and a new book by the end credits.

“The 2016 Miss America Competition” (KOAT-7 8pm) I thought the one good thing Donald Trump had done for this country was kill beauty pageants once and for all. Apparently not.

Monday 14

“#DanceBattle America” (KOAT-7 9pm) I’m not sure which I hate more: TV shows with hashtags in their titles or dance competitions. Now, thanks to ABC, I don’t have to choose.

Tuesday 15

“The Mindy Project” (Hulu anytime) You can’t keep a good TV show down these days. Not with so many streaming services desperate for content. So Mindy Kaling’s canceled sitcom ditches FOX for Hulu.

“The Bastard Executioner” (FX 11pm) This bloody historical drama follows a disgraced knight in King Edward’s army who finds work as an executioner. Just don’t ask me what Ed Sheeran is doing here.

“Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris” (KOB-4 9pm) I appreciate Neil Patrick Harris as much as the next guy. But I’d like it better if NBC had given him an actual show instead of this random collection of musical performances, hidden camera pranks, sketches, stunts, celebrity guests and whatever else they can sweep on stage to fill the timeslot each week. This joins Ryan Seacrest’s canceled-after-two-episodes “Knock Knock Live” in TV’s new, “non-concept” genre.

“Dirty Rotten Survival” (National Geographic 8pm) Home builder Johnny Littlefield, survival expert Dave Canterbury and engineer Dick Strawbridge hope to “reinvent the American roadtrip” by taking less-traveled roads through each state.

Wednesday 16

“Nintendo World Championships 2015” (Disney XD 6pm) I’m not about to suggest, as Jimmy Kimmel did, that watching people play video games is boring. Because the internet will want to kill me. But … um, I’m gonna watch something else tonight.

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