Week In Sloth: O.j. Simpson, “Death Makes Life Possible,” “Dr. Ken”

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Thursday 1

“O.J. Speaks: The Hidden Tapes” (A&E 7pm) O.J. Simpson’s deposition tapes from the Trial of the Century—hidden in a storage warehouse for 20 years—are unearthed and aired. Will they shed light on the cold case murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, or will they simply remind us that today’s useless pop cultural idols could be so much worse?

“Death Makes Life Possible” (OWN 6:30pm) Deepak Chopra produces this inspirational documentary in which cultural anthropologist Marilyn Schlitz explores the mysteries of life and death. Chopra and Oprah: How could you go wrong?

“Benders” (IFC 8pm) In this “The League”-esque sitcom a group of friends bond over their obsessions with an amateur men’s hockey team.

Friday 2

“Dr. Ken” (KOAT-7 7:30pm) Comedian Ken Jeong gets his own, aggressively generic sitcom in which he’s a wisecracking physician and father.

“Love at First Swipe” (TLC 7pm) TLC’s new dating/makeover show transforms the styles and online profiles of women so they can score some dates. A.K.A. “The Saddest Show Ever.”

“The Jacksons: Next Generation” (Lifetime 8:03pm) It’s good to see the Jacksons carrying on the family tradition of exploiting their offspring.

“Sex in Public” (TLC 8pm) Therapist Jill Dictrow goes “under cover” (hur, hur) to get people to open up about sex and relationships.

Saturday 3

The Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 Story (Lifetime 6pm) Lifetime digs up another guilty pleasure from yesteryear to make us feel even more guilty about.

Sunday 4

“Art Breakers” (Ovation 6pm) According to the description: “Fine art advisors Carol Lee Brosseau and Miller Gaffney are hired by TV star Mario Lopez to commission a piece of art inspired by Mario’s new brand of tequila.” I already wasted 30 seconds of my life typing that. I’m certainly not gonna blow another 30 minutes watching it.

Monday 5

“Outrageous: Halloween” (Food 6pm) Food network ushers in the Halloween season by looking at pumpkin sculptures, giant candies and gruesome cake decorations.

“The Truth Behind… Zombies & Monsters” (National Geographic 8pm) Not to be left behind, National Geographic Channel explores the myths behind famous monsters.

Tuesday 6

“Pretty. Strong.” (Oxygen 11pm) This docu-reality series looks at the lives of women in the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League). … Don’t worry, they still wear bikinis.

Wednesday 7

“Casual” (Hulu streaming anytime) Hulu picks up this 10-episode sitcom from executive producer/director Jason Reitman (Up in the Air, Juno). The series follows a bachelor brother and his newly divorced sister as they coach one another through the world of dating while living under the same roof again.

“American Horror Story: Hotel” (FX 11pm) This season Lady Gaga joins the ensemble cast as “The Countess,” the mysterious (and probably murderous) owner of an art deco hotel in Los Angeles.

“Jay Leno’s Garage” (CNBC 8pm) After barely a year of retirement, Jay Leno returns to TV with this show about classic American muscle car collecting.
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