Week In Sloth: Oj. David Beckham And Jane Fonda

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Thursday 12

OJ: Trial of the Century (ID 7pm) Re-experience “the trial that captivated the nation” through rare and never-before-seen footage. This, America, is when we really started to suck as a nation. Now it’s trials of the century, celebrity sex tapes and scandalous reality shows 24/7.

Friday 13

“David Beckham Into the Unknown” (Showtime 7pm) Soccer hunk David Beckham travels the globe investigating supernatural mysteries. … No, not really. He takes a trip on the Amazon, which isn’t nearly as exciting.

Saturday 14

“AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Jane Fonda” (TNT 7pm) Don’t forget Barbarella, guys.

“United Stuff of America” (H2 8pm) History Channel 2 racks up another achievement in its continuing quest to dumb down history thanks to this new show. The premiere episode topic? “Badass Presidents.”

“Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla” (Comedy Central 10pm) A stand-up concert featuring Sinbad? Are you sure you want to do that to yourselves, people?

Sunday 15

“The Hollywood Reporter Roundtables” (A&E 6am) The venerable entertainment industry mag gathers up comedy actors (Tony Hale, Matt LeBlanc, Andy Samberg, William H. Macy, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jason Biggs) and actresses (Edie Falco, Mindy Kaling, Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Schilling and Kaley Cuoco) for a couple of sit-down chats.

“True Blood Farewell Show” (HBO 6:30pm) As HBO’s fairy-has-sex-with-vampire-or-maybe-werewolf series enters its seventh and final season; producers take a moment to pause and reflect on all the ridiculous stuff that’s happened up until now.

“The Escape Artist” (KNME-5 8pm) “Masterpiece Mystery” serves up David Tennant (“Doctor Who”) as a brilliant defense attorney in a wig. (He’s British, they do that.)

“Superjail!” (Cartoon Network 12:45am) Adult Swim’s manic, ultraviolent and quite funny high school textbook cover doodle of a cartoon returns for a new season.

Monday 16

Priest (Syfy 7pm) Is this 2009 film—based on a Korean comic book about an ass-kicking priest fighting post-apocalyptic vampires—any good? No. But damned if it isn’t some pure, unadulterated, guilty-pleasure fun.

Tuesday 17

“I Love the 2000s” (VH1 7pm) Ah, sweet nostalgia. Anybody else remember the 2000s? The global economic crisis, the War in Afghanistan, President Obama, cyberbullying, Roombas, Spider-Man 2? Crazy times.

Wednesday 18

René Clair Marathon (TCM 6pm) TCM gets all continental, paying tribute to classy French writer-director René Clair with 1930’s Sous les Toits de Paris, 1931’s A Nous la Liberte, 1955’s The Grand Maneuver and 1944’s It Happened Tomorrow.
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