Week In Sloth: “Rise Of The Berlin Wall,” Hot Rods To Hell And “Dogs Of War”

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Thursday 6

“Rise of the Berlin Wall” (AHC 8pm) In August of 1961, Reuters journalist Adam Kellett-Long was one of the few Westerners to bear witness as thousands of workers began sealing off West Berlin. Cool story, but I’m not sure that makes the guy an American hero (plus, you know, he’s British). Still, American Heroes Channel seems to think he is.

Friday 7

Virunga (Netflix streaming anytime) Leonardo DiCaprio produced this documentary about park rangers risking their lives in the eastern Congo’s Virunga National Park to stop poachers, rebels and even major corporations from killing endangered mountain gorillas.

Hot Rods to Hell (TCM 12:15am) Dana Andrews and Jeanne Crain star as a married couple being terrorized on a desert highway by “thrill-seeking juvenile delinquents” in this 1967 exploitation classic.

Saturday 8

Dead on Campus (Lifetime 6pm) A nerdy and introverted guy is seduced by a sorority pledge, and their tryst goes viral. When he is found dead from an apparent suicide, his sister does not believe he killed himself and investigates the sorority’s dark secrets. … Ah, college.

The Nine Lives of Christmas (Hallmark 6pm) A stray cat “adopts” single Brandon Routh (who went from Superman Returns to this kinda stuff), causing him to fall in love with some girl who works at a pet store. Looks like I won’t be doing the traditional “Battle of the Holiday Romance Movies“ between Hallmark and Lifetime this year. November has barely started, Lifetime is still doing Halloween leftovers, and Hallmark is already up two films to zero.

“Doctor Who” (BBC America 7pm) It’s fall season finale time, and the Cybermen are invading London.

Sunday 9

A Cookie Cutter Christmas (Hallmark 6pm) Scratch that: three to zero.

“Finding Bigfoot” (Animal Planet 7pm) Having failed for six straight seasons to actually find Bigfoot, the “Finding Bigfoot” team packs up and heads to Alaska for its seventh season, hoping that maybe he’s hiding out there.

Monday 10

“Growing Up Gotti: 10 Years Later” (A&E 7pm) In case you were wondering what Victoria Gotti and her sons have been up to since their reality show went off the air.

Tuesday 11

“100 Things to Do Before High School” (Nickelodeon 5pm) Like maybe: Stop listening to One Direction?

“The Real Inglorious Bastards” (AHC 8pm) Shouldn’t that be “Inglourious Basterds,” American Heroes?

“Dogs of War” (A&E 8pm) Shelter dogs help military vets recover from wartime trauma—which sounds a bit more inspirational than A&E’s usual reality show offerings such as “Storage Wars” and “Bad Ink.”

“Song By Song” (Ovation 8pm) The fourth season of this musical biography series kicks off with the members of Blondie talking about how their individual songs help tell the story of their lives and careers.

“Virgin Coaches” (TLC 8pm) “Relationship experts” teach adult virgin couples how to, you know, do it. That doesn’t sound at all uncomfortable.

Wednesday 12

“Strip the Cosmos” (Science 8pm) Who knew the cosmos was so sexy? What else has Neil deGrasse Tyson been hiding from us?
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