Week In Sloth: Rob Lowe Is Drew Peterson, The Manor House Spills Its Secrets, Kiefer Sutherland Is “Touch”Ed

The Week In Sloth

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Thursday 19

“Unsupervised” (FX 11:30 p.m.) From the folks behind “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” comes this animated sitcom about a pair of teenage best friends who try to do their best with a minimum of parental guidance.

Friday 20

“On Freddie Roach” (HBO 7:30 p.m.) Actor/director/producer Peter Berg (“Friday Night Lights”) helms this “cinema vérité series” about Freddie Roach, an old-school boxing trainer who struggles with Parkinson’s while running his famous gym, the Wild Card, in Hollywood.

“Swanderosa” (CMT 11 p.m.) Swanderosa is an 18-acre estate in San Antonio that serves as a wedding and event staging site. Naturally, CMT made a docu-reality series about the place. What could be more fascinating than setting up the cold-meat deli buffet at an annual Century 21 real estate sales meeting?

Saturday 21

“World Wild Web” (Nat Geo Wild 5 p.m.) Did you get that super-cute baby sloth video I emailed you? Not to worry, Nat Geo Wild has got a TV show for that now.

Drew Peterson: Untouchable (Lifetime 6 p.m.) Rob Lowe from “Parks & Recreation” and Kaley Cuoco from “Big Bang Theory” star in this fact-based-esque pic about former police officer Drew Peterson, whose fourth wife disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

“Bayou Billionaires” (CMT 10 p.m.) CMT climbs on the Cajun bandwagon, adding to the ranks of TV’s “Swamp People” / “Swamp Brothers” / “Cajun Pawn Stars” / “Ragin’ Cajuns” backwater hillbilly trend.

Sunday 22

A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song (ABC Family 6 p.m.) Relax. Idiot Box scientists have found a way to combine fairy tale romance with “Glee”-style lip-synching. Here’s the result (previously known as A Cinderella Story 3 ).

“Secrets of the Manor House” (KNME-5 8 p.m.) Addicted to “Downton Abbey” now, are you? Well, you might need to check out this documentary special, which explains the ins and outs of the British titled class during Edwardian times.

Monday 23

“Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” (Travel 8 p.m.) Andrew Zimmern kicks off his seventh season by visiting the Twin Cities. I’m not aware of too many bizarre St. Paul foods. But if there are, Andrew will find them and eat them.

Tuesday 24

“All Star Dealers” (Discovery 6 p.m.) Discovery arrives late to the “buying/selling/auctioning other people’s crap reality show” table. Granted, it’s the crap of sports stars. But still.

Wednesday 25

“Alaska: Ice Cold Killers” (ID 7 p.m.) ID apparently didn’t get the memo. We’ve moved on from the “Alaska State Troopers” / “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” / “Flying Wild Alaska” / “Alaska: The Last Frontier” trend. I expect to see “Louisiana: Cajun Killers” by next week, folks.

“Touch” (KASA-2 8 p.m.) Kiefer Sutherland gives hope to new-age parents everywhere who believe their autistic kids aren’t troubled / developmentally disabled / in need of medication but are, in fact, misunderstood super-geniuses (or “indigo children” in the parlance). In this supernatural(ish) thriller, Sutherland plays the father of an autistic kid who can see the future just like the computer in “Person of Interest.”
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