Week In Sloth: “Secret Sex Lives,” “Cryptid: The Swamp Beast,” “Tyler Perry Talk Show”

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Thursday 20

“Killer Karaoke” (truTV 8pm) The addictively stupid combination of “Fear Factor” and Wednesday night at a bowling alley bar returns with Mark McGrath taking over as host—which makes this as good a time as any to remind readers that Sugar Ray was once a big thing.

Friday 21

“Shark Tank” (KOAT-7 8pm) Some entrepreneurs try to sell the sharks on a “zero-impact” fitness program. I’ve already got one of those. It’s called watching “Shark Tank.”

Saturday 22

“Secret Sex Lives” (TLC 7pm) TLC continues to take the high road, digging up the sort of mildly titillating stories (a woman with record-setting breasts, a couple with a “large sexual appetite”) that aren’t quite interesting enough for HBO’s “Real Sex” series.

“About a Boy” (KOB-4 10:07pm) KOB must have some real confidence in this sitcom reboot of the Nick Hornby novel-turned-movie starring Hugh Grant to wedge its premiere between speed skating bouts in late night.

Sunday 23

“Downton Abbey” (KNME-5 8:30pm) “Downton Abbey” wraps up its 4th season by packing up and heading to New York. At least this gives them an excuse to bring Shirley MacLaine back.

“Growing Up Fisher” (KOB-4 9:38pm) NBC continues to sneak midseason replacement shows amid its Olympics coverage. This one is a semi-autobiographical sitcom about a kid whose parents divorce. Just to make things interesting, dad (played by the awesome J.K. Simmons) is blind.

Monday 24

“Cryptid: The Swamp Beast” (History 8pm) OK, OK, OK. I realize that “Finding Bigfoot” and “The 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” (and roughly 328 other cable reality shows), have failed to prove the existence of Bigfoot … but I have a really good feeling about this one.

“Private Lives of Nashville Wives” (TNT 8pm) In case you’re searching for more rich, spoiled women to hate on.

Tuesday 25

“Clash of the Ozarks” (Discovery 8pm) Oh, good. Another hillbilly reality show.

“Tyler Perry Talk Show” (OWN 8pm) Well, we kind of all knew this was inevitable.

“Game of Arms” (AMC 8pm) This is, in fact, an arm-wrestling reality series—which is marginally more exciting than The CW’s competitive musical chairs show “Oh Sit!”

“Mind Games” (KOAT-7 9pm) An expert on human behavior (Christian Slater) and his con man brother (Steve Zahn) open a unique agency where they use “psychological manipulation to solve people’s problems.”

Wednesday 26

“Mixology” (KOAT-7 8:30pm) This almost-anthology-style sitcom takes place in a bar/nightclub and, each week, concentrates on a single couple in the process of hooking up.

“Ali G: Rezurection” (FXX 8:30pm) For those of you holding out hope that comic “genius” Sacha Baron Cohen would eventually come up with a new character beyond the three he’s created (Ali G, Borat, Brüno), sorry. Here’s more Ali G. In fact, this is just 2000’s “Da Ali G Show” with new introductions recorded by Cohen. I’m betting that his interview with Roy Hattersley, Deputy Leader of the British Labour Party from 1983 to 1992, is even more hilarious 14 years after the fact.
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