Week In Sloth: The 50Th Anniversary Of “Doctor Who” And The Kennedy Assassination

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Thursday 21

“JFK: The Lost Tapes” (Discovery 5pm) Discovery has got its teeth in this JFK anniversary thing and isn’t letting go any time soon.

“Xbox One: Day One Countdown” (Spike 9pm) Spike counts down live to the midnight release of the Xbox One game console. They fill the time with game trailers and performances by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and deadmau5.

Friday 22

“JFK Assassination: The Definitive Guide” (History 6pm) If you watch only one JFK special this year, this sounds pretty comprehensive.

An Adventure in Time and Space (BBC America 7pm) JFK isn’t the only one with a 50th anniversary, you know. Fifty years ago, the BBC started airing “Doctor Who.” As part of the celebration, BBC America has produced this movie dramatizing the creation of the venerable 1963 sci-fi series.

“WHERE WERE YOU? The Day JFK Died Reported by Tom Brokaw” (KOB-4 8pm) Unborn, Tom, but thanks for asking.

Saturday 23

Kristen’s Christmas Past (Lifetime 6pm) Hallmark 4, Lifetime 3

Window Wonderland (Hallmark 6pm) Hallmark 5, Lifetime 3

“Atlantis” (BBC America 8pm) BBC America’s newest “Supernatural Saturday” series takes us back to Greek mythology-filled Atlantis.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor (BBC America 9pm) And here it is, the full-on 50th anniversary episode in which our noble Doctor confronts his dark, previous incarnation (played with appropriate menace by John Hurt).

“Bill Cosby: Far From Finished” (Comedy Central 9pm) Bill Cosby gets his first stand-up comedy special in … 30 years? Really?

“Lucas Bros. Moving Company”/“Golan the Insatiable” (KASA-2 10pm) FOX’s ADHD programming block adds two new toons: one in which identical twin comedians (Kenny and Keith Lucas) become furniture movers and one in which “a mighty godlord from an alternate universe” takes up residence in small-town America.

Sunday 24

“American Music Awards” (KOAT-7 7pm) Pitbull hosts. Wow. First a Bud Light commercial, now this.

Fir Crazy (Hallmark 6pm) Hallmark 6, Lifetime 3

“Getting On” (HBO 8pm) From the makers of “Big Love” comes this comedy about the dysfunctional staffers at the female-geriatric ward of a beleaguered California hospital.

Monday 25

“Generation Cryo” (MTV 1am) What are the lives of kids who were fathered by anonymous sperm donors like? I had assumed exactly like that Vince Vaughn movie Delivery Man, but apparently not. MTV assembles a reality show to teach us the truth.

Tuesday 26

Christmas Bounty (ABC Family 5pm) No, I’m afraid you’re about a month too late to jump on the cheesy, Christmas-themed, made-for-TV rom-com bandwagon, ABC Family.

“Marshal Law: Texas” (TNT 8pm) This Jerry Bruckheimer-produced action-drama is not to be confused with the late ’90s cop series “Marshal Law” starring Sammo Hung and Arsenio Hall. … Yeah, that was a thing.

Wednesday 27

“The Making of The Sound of Music Live!” (KOB-4 7pm) Nope, NBC’s The Sound of Music Live! doesn’t come on until next Wednesday. But if you’re an insane Carrie Underwood fan, you can watch this making-of special.

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