Week In Sloth: “The Man In The High Castle,” “Jessica Jones,” Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow

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Thursday 19

“Project Runway: Tim Gunn’s Ultimate Throwback Thursday” (Lifetime 6pm) Because “Tim Gunn’s Post-Season Clip Show Slot Filler” is just too on the nose.

Friday 20

“The Man in the High Castle” (Amazon streaming anytime) Following a gripping pilot episode, Amazon gets around to adapting (loosely anyway) the rest of Philip K. Dick’s dark sci-fi thriller about a modern America ruled by Nazis. Looks like I’ll be binge-watching this all weekend.

“Jessica Jones” (Netflix streaming anytime) Scratch that, Amazon. You’ll just have to wait. Netflix has followed up its exciting Marvel Comics “Daredevil” adaptation with this dramatic series about a former superhero (Krysten Ritter) who’s become an embittered, alcoholic private detective.

“Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America” (A&E/FYI/History/H2/Lifetime 6pm) Nothing solves a problem like a lengthy, televised concert. The Zac Brown Band, Jamie Foxx, Ed Sheeran and Sting are among the headliners. Racial relations should be fixed by Monday, people.

Saturday 21

“All-Star Thanksgiving” (Food 6pm) Don’t lie to yourself. No matter how many times you watch Giada De Laurentiis prepare a fabulous, gourmet Thanksgiving feast on TV, you’re just going to buy a Butterball, some Parker House rolls and a can of that cranberry goo at Smith’s.

Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow (Lifetime 6pm) Late, great Muppet master Jim Henson wrote the script for this puppet-based holiday special way back in the 1960s. After a decade (or five) in the drawer, it finally comes to life. In it a recently divorced dad and his two kids head to rural Turkey Hollow for Thanksgiving. Robbed of the internet, the bored kids turn their attentions to tracking down the Howling Hoodoo, a legendary local monster.

Northpole: Open for Christmas (Hallmark 6pm) During Christmastime a handyman and an elf persuade a businesswoman to keep the inn she inherited from her aunt. That makes six, Hallmark.

Sunday 22

“2015 American Music Awards” (KOAT-7 7pm) Relax, everybody. You can score your second Ed Sheeran hit of the week here.

Merry Matrimony (Hallmark 6pm) Does Christmas really put people in the mood for romance, Hallmark? I think of Santa Claus and gingerbread men and giant roast turkeys and I’m not exactly horny. Seven, by the way.

Saints & Strangers (National Geographic 7pm) NG gets elementary school students a head start on their Thanksgiving Day reports with this two-night miniseries about the pilgrims.

Monday 23

Mark & Russell’s Wild Ride (Disney XD 6:30pm) Joey Bragg (“Liv & Maddie”) and Sean Giambrone (“The Goldbergs”) star in this movie about a couple of pals who go on a “crazy adventure” after the most popular girl is school asks them for a ride to an exclusive pool party.

Tuesday 24

“Greatest Holiday Commercials Countdown” (KWBQ-19 7pm) Nothing puts me in the holiday mood more than a good antacid commercial.

Wednesday 25

Once Upon a Holiday (Hallmark 6pm) Eight. What, does Hallmark have a factory full of Chinese prisoners pumping these things out?

“Christmas Through the Decades” (History 8:03pm) This historical series starts out in the 1960s—which couldn’t have been that different. Although they did include a Christmas Eve broadcast from Apollo 8 astronauts. That’s cool.
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