Week In Sloth: “The Odd Couple,” “The Jack And Triumph Show,” “Kosher Soul”

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Thursday 19

“The Odd Couple” (KRQE-13 7:30pm) I like Neil Simon’s classic play/TV series. I like Matthew Perry (“Friends”). I like Thomas Lennon (“Reno 911!”). I’m not sure all three of those things needed to come together, but here we stand.

“Two and a Half Men” (KRQE-13 8pm) TV’s most popular terrible sitcom comes to a merciful end, perhaps with the return of Charlie Sheen—whose character might not be as dead as we were led to believe. Damn.

“Vikings” (History 8pm) The third season of History’s bloody good Norse drama finds Ragnar and Lagertha’s troops attempting to colonize Wessex. This will not end well.

Friday 20

“The Jack and Triumph Show” (Cartoon Network 12:30am) Happy-go-lucky comedian Jack McBrayer (“30 Rock”) plays the naive young star of a “Lassie”-like TV series, reunited 15 years later with his now thoroughly debauched costar (hand-puppet funnyman Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog).

Saturday 21

Babysitter’s Black Book (Lifetime 6pm) A teen and her girlfriends turn their babysitting business into an escort service. Huh. I don’t remember this particular volume of The Baby-Sitters Club. … Not that I read any of The Baby-Sitters Club books.

“Countdown to the Oscars: An Insider’s Guide” (KOAT-7 7pm) Lara Spencer highlights the fashion, flubs and faux pas of previous Oscar ceremonies.

Sunday 22

See above.

Monday 23

“Oggy and the Cockroaches” (Nickelodeon 1:30pm) This amped-up “Tom and Jerry”-inspired cult cartoon has been a sensation in France since 1998. In it, a lazy blue cat battles three cockroaches (named after The Ramones—Joey, Dee Dee and Marky). Now it finally returns to America after a decade or so of absence.

Citizenfour (HBO 7pm) The recent documentary about Edward Snowden and the NSA spying scandal hits HBO.

“The Making of Dig” (USA 9:05pm) Before the premiere, check out the making of this shot-in-New-Mexico action-thriller from producer Tim Kring (“Heroes”). In the show, an FBI agent and an archaeologist stationed in Jerusalem uncover a conspiracy 2,000 years in the making.

Tuesday 24

“TV’s Hottest Commercials Countdown” (KWBQ-19 7pm) A countdown of the hottest commercials on TV? But how will I know when the show ends and the commercial breaks begin?

“Outlaw Country” (WGN 8pm) In this “unscripted docudrama,” film crews allegedly follow both small-town Missouri cops and the criminal gang they’re trying to take down. This seems neither realistic nor feasible. Couldn’t the cops just ask the film crew where the criminals are hiding out? And shouldn’t they be arrested for aiding and abetting if they refuse to tell?

“Parks & Recreation” (KOB-4 9pm) The rapid-fire final season of NBC’s beloved sitcom comes to an end. If each and every one of these characters doesn’t get the perfect happy ending, somebody at the network is gonna get cut.

Wednesday 25

“Kosher Soul” (Lifetime 8pm) African-American comedian O’Neal McKnight (nope, never heard of him) decides to convert to Judaism for the sake of his fiancée, Miriam … also for the sake of landing a reality show on Lifetime.
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