Week In Sloth: “Welcome To Sweden,” “Beasts Of The Bayou” And “The Strain”

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Thursday 10

“Welcome to Sweden” (KOB-4 8pm) Amy Poehler produces this semi-autobiographical sitcom (starring her brother Greg) about a New Yorker who moves to Sweden after falling in love with a Swedish girl. Amy, Will Ferrell and Malin Akerman are among the stars dropping by to play themselves.

“Beasts of the Bayou” (Discovery 8pm) I know, I know: Dozens upon dozens of hack docu-reality shows have failed to locate Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, the Hopkinsville Goblins, chupacabra or any other mythical, cryptozoological creature. … But I have confidence this new show is totally gonna nail it.

“Leah Remini: It’s All Relative” (TLC 8pm) A reality show starring recently excommunicated Hollywood Scientologist Leah Remini sounds potentially juicy. But this one’s just about how wacky and hilarious her family is.

“Pawnography” (History 8pm) A TV game show starring the cast of “Pawn Stars.” Sounds … like one way to stretch out the franchise.

“Snack-Off” (MTV 8:30pm) Does cable TV need another cooking competition? Of course not. But MTV, being dedicated 24/7 to “music,” is kind of late getting around to the genre. So cut them some slack.

Friday 11

“The Almighty Johnsons” (Syfy 8pm) This fantasy series comes from New Zealand, of all places. (They did give us “Flight of the Conchords” and “Xena:Warrior Princess.”) It’s about a young man who discovers on his 21st birthday that his entire family consists of reincarnated Norse gods.

Saturday 12

Presumed Dead in Paradise (Lifetime 6pm) Why are you always so pessimistic, Lifetime?

Sunday 13

“Brain Games: Brain vs. Body” (KASA-2 6pm) FOX looks back at the second season of the hit National Geographic series which uses “interactive experiments designed to mess with your mind and reveal the inner workings of your brain.”

“The Strain” (FX 11pm) Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s icky vampire novel trilogy about a CDC team trying to prevent a viral outbreak of bloodsucking monsters gets the TV adaptation.

Monday 14

“Backpackers” (KWBQ-19 7:30pm) After being dumped by his fiancee, a guy and his best pal decide to trek across Europe. This new sitcom is based on the popular web series of the same name.

“Seed” (KWBQ-19 8:30pm) From Canada comes this sitcom about an underachieving sperm donor and his relationship with three very different would-be families.

Tuesday 15

“Matador” (El Rey 7pm) In this new action series from Robert Rodriguez’ network, international super spy/soccer star Antonio “Matador” Bravo (Gabriel Luna) uses sports as a cover for his CIA activities.

“The Sorrentinos” (TV Guide 8pm) Oh, thank God someone has given Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from “Jersey Shore” another reality show.

“Inside the Walking Dead: Walker University” (AMC 8pm) Still waiting for the new season of “The Walking Dead”? AMC is ready, willing and able to feed your frustration with weekly “making of” specials.

Wednesday 16

“Sex in the Wild” (KNME-5 9pm) Calm down. It’s about animals. … I said calm down.

“Virgin Territory” (MTV 12am) MTV and the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy present this docu-reality series that explores “issues of chastity.” Sounds fun.
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