Letters: Are You Really Willing To Subject The World To A Trump Presidency?

Are You Really Willing To Subject The World To A Trump Presidency?

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Obviously there is much anger and pain dividing the country, with many citizens not experiencing the benefits of the last eight years when unemployment was reduced from 10 percent to 5 percent, the monthly hemorrhaging of lost jobs was halted and millions of new jobs created. But to blindly go for “change” should not mean throwing away every moral and ethical standard that America has always prided itself on exemplifying.

Donald Trump is a congenital liar, a bully, a sexual predator, a deliberately uninformed policy maker and a man who has spent the last eighteen months stirring up hatred against Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, immigrants and anyone who disagrees with him.

His claim to be a brilliant businessman is refuted by his numerous bankruptcies, where he kept his money but his investors lost their shirts, where he reneged on paying his contractors. He is the subject of 3500 lawsuits thanks to this practice. His arrogant behavior towards women is finally being noted. Trump is the ultimate hypocrite, proclaiming his disgust at those who send their businesses overseas, yet he has done exactly that for decades. Even this year, opening a new hotel built with steel and furnishings made in China. Is this how he will “make America great again”? He sees everything in term of his own bottom line, which is why he said he thought wages were too high and the housing crisis, where thousands lost everything, was actually good for him– His thin skin causes him to lash out intemperately at anyone who offends him. Is this the temperament you want in the person whose finger will be on the nuclear trigger? For your own sake, the sake of the country and the world, do not allow this narcissist anywhere near the Oval Office.

-S. Lewis

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