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ALIBI readers are no doubt well informed about the many protests ongoing, from demonstrations against excessive force by police to the many anti-war and anti-racist movements and gender and environmental issues. But most are probably unaware that ALABI contributing writer Benjamin Radford’s article in the latest issue of SKEPTICAL INQUIRER concerning protests against road building in sensitive areas of Iceland. Radford explains that many Icelanders believe that elves and faries live in the rocks and caves where new roads are being built, including places designated as “elf areas.” Radford is careful to explain that not all protesters believe in elves and that there are other environmental issues involved, but urges readers to respect the friends of the elves and to take the issue seriously. The article includes several color photos of the protest taken by Jeff Radford, Benjamin’s father and publisher of the CORRALES COMMENT.


Neal Wilgus


Today Ive heard the USA has 4500 nuclear bombs on hand. Half of which are loaded and on board missiles, aircraft ships and submarines, as well as likely landbased launch locations.

The USA has half that number in reserve status-the arsenal, and this year alone intends to spend an additional 300 billion dollars to ‘upgrade’ these systems.

Why is ignorance and stupidity so vaste that this has not only been allowed, but has been accepted and perpetuated as a myth of defense? When all is dead, gone and contaminated where exists a need for defense? Why, I wonder, are we not being defended across the globe from the greed and monstrousities being dreamed up and developed by the selfish fools with the powers to continue such heinous program? Pollution, starvation, disease and failures to afford education and safe housing could benefit from 300 billion dollars and might aid in the mitigation of our world’s ugly and premature end.


Rev. John Fishburn

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