Letters: Art Inspires Art

Art Inspires Art

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Bill Moore, Bill Moore, Bill Moore is so cute [Letters, v27 i25].

Writing his
little poem in his sheepskin suit.

With no mind of his own, following the rest.

Trying to be clever, trying his very best.

But time will tell how mindless he really is.

When Hillary and
all the libs reveal their dirty biz.

¡¡Build the Wall!!

Letters: And More Art And More Art

An alleged poem printed

From one Bill Moore … or less

There was no talent herein

No wit, no finesse

On the
Alibi pages

It made an awful mess

And did it stink, yes it did

Just as a pool of cess

Letters: In The Weeds In The Weeds

I was surprised to get a letter in the mail today from the city of Albuquerque about my yard. It was not very specific but vaguely concerned weeds, leading me to believe that someone had reported my residence via the OneABQ app. Our yard is hardly an eyesore in our rather laissez-faire neighborhood where people park on their lawns when they aren’t taking up every possible inch of curb. But I’m distressed to learn it’s the type of neighborhood where people are willing to be passive aggressive and report anonymously rather than confronting their neighbor whose yard bothers them so much.

And I’m more than a little irked at a city that concerns itself with this kind of nonsense but doesn’t do something about the lack of curbside recycling or, you know, murder rate.

Letters: Volunteers, Beauty And Poop Volunteers, Beauty And Poop

Today I saw something that kind of summed up what Albuquerque has become. I stopped by Tony Hillerman library to pick up a copy of the Alibi. For many years hardworking volunteers from the Albuquerque Rose Society have planted and maintained beautiful rose gardens all around the library grounds. The gardens are a true gem. The local neighborhood association recently placed a Neighborhood Beautification Recognition/Good Neighbor Appreciation sign there. Just beneath the sign was a large pile of dog shit.

Letters: Penny Wise Penny Wise

What possible purpose is served by “Democracy Dollars”? [News, v27 i34]

Why go through the rigamarole of obtaining a voucher, giving it to a candidate and having him turn it in to get him(her)self a few tax dollars? Do we need another layer of bureaucracy sucking up tax dollars to give out tax dollars to candidates? Why doesn’t the voter who wants to support a candidate just give the money to the candidate directly?

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