Alibi V.25 No.27 • July 7-13, 2016 

Manly Limeade

The scorching Albuquerque summer will drain even the toughest customer. All the traditional methods of signalling your manliness to others (like pumping iron in the park or “accidentally” spilling a vitamin-rich smoothie all over your sweet pecs while hanging out at the health food store) is made nearly impossible by the will-sapping heat. But fear not. Nothing shows that world that you’re a hard-assed, testosterone-driven symbol of masculinity like homemade limeade. Trust us.


1 1/4 cups sugar
8 cups water (1/4 cups reserved for simple syrup)
1/4 cups lime juice (about 9 or 10 limes)

1. Make simple syrup by heating sugar and 1/4 cups water together over med-high heat until ingredients dissolve. Remove from heat and place in refrigerator until cool. (Pro tip: If you want to be a real he-man, try flavoring the syrup by adding mint leaves, ginger, fruit or what-have-you before cooling. Then strain out the additives before using.)

2. Squeeze the limes like an alpha dawg (if you use store-bought lime juice, they'll be able to taste the weakness).

3. Pour cooled syrup, lime juice and remaining water into pitcher. Add ice.

4. Continue to suppress any delicate memories related to summertime, limeade and your relationship with your father.