A World Tour

Nora Hickey
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A World Tour
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Best Greek / Mediterranean

When you want your cheese flaming, your lamb perfectly seasoned and your liquor smacking of anise, Yanni’s is your destination. For years, Yanni’s has delighted Albuquerque diners with its delicious take on classic Greek cuisine. Live music on the weekends and a reasonable lunch menu make Alibi readers say Opa!

Olympia Café

Zorba’s Fine Greek Cuisine / Gyros Mediterranean

Best Middle Eastern

You may know someone who watches a lot of Fox News and has a flawed view of the Middle East. One way to play ambassador is to take them to Sahara, where they can indulge in savory, moist falafel, tangy hummus and a plethora of other Middle Eastern delights. If only Bill O’Reilly would go chin deep into a beef shawarma.

2) San Pedro Mart

Café Istanbul

Best Italian

Even if you don’t understand what “antipasti” means, you can bet it will be tasty at Scalo. The revered restaurant consistently serves up fresh, delicious Italian food that Alibi readers just can’t stay away from. With appetizers, salads, pizza, “primi” and “secondi” menus, Scalo is the place to embrace a four-course lifestyle.

Trombino’s Bistro Italiano

3) Mario’s Pizza & Ristorante

Best French

Ah, the French: always attractive and trim. Their secret? Alibi readers say the best place to find out is at P’tit Louis Bistro, where you can indulge in classics like mussels and boeuf Bourguignon. This cozy spot will have you mistaking the former Bank of the West building for the Eiffel Tower as you step out the door. Ooh la la!

Le Café Miche

La Crepe Michel

Best Vietnamese

No matter the month, the spring rolls at Viet Taste are always in season. Other favorites include the beef pho and pork noodle bowl. But, Viet Taste has not pho-gotten their vegetarian customers, serving up steaming bowls of vegetable wonton soup and other veg-head delights. Whatever your taste, whatever the season, Viet Taste is a reason to rejoice!

Café Da Lat

2000 Vietnam

Best Thai

You don’t need a passport to visit Thailand with Orchid Thai in the city. A years-long favorite of Alibi readers, Orchid Thai serves top-notch curries and stir-fries, some in pineapple vessels! What could get more Thai-tastic than that?

Thai Cuisine II

Siam Café

Best Fusion

New Mexico knows a thing or two about fusion (the H-bomb, anyone?), and its citizens have their sights on the best fusion restaurant in the city: Pasión Latin Fusion. The couple who runs the restaurant showcases a variety of Latin American flavors in their dishes, from tuna tacu tacu to quesadilla Cubano. After a taste, you’ll find yourself infatuated with Pasión.

CoolWater Fusion

Jinja Bar & Bistro

Best Chinese

You would be dim not to dig into the dim sum at adored Duke City restaurant Budai. Alibi readers have deemed the Chinese restaurant best in the city, and considering the tasty tofu, delicious duck and succulent scallops, the readers aren’t wrong! Hopefully, your next fortune reads: “Get thee to Budai!”

Fu Yuang

3) Kai’s Chinese Restaurant

Best Indian

Alibi readers keep returning to Taj Mahal to discover new taste sensations and dishes that are a mouthful to pronounce and a luscious mouthful to eat. The popular Indian restaurant knows how to work a clay oven and a spice rack in heavenly, mouthwatering symphony.

India Kitchen

3) Namaste Restaurant

Best Japanese

Some prefer their Japanese food with acrobatics and flames, while others enjoy a quiet room and soft lights while noshing on sashimi. Whatever your taste, you’ll find delicious, freshly prepared food at Japanese Kitchen in the Uptown area, and Shogun, which resides in the busy corridor of Central in Nob Hill. Or hit up both, and indulge your dual Japanese tastes.

Best Southern Food

Sometimes the soul cries out for sustenance, and when it does, look no further than Nexus Brewery, readers’ favorite southern food joint. While your spirit rejoices at classic soul food dishes like fried chicken and waffles, collard greens and biscuit bread pudding, your taste buds will adore the wide variety of craft beers on tap. Soon, you’ll be pronouncing Albuquerque with a southern twang.

Frank’s Famous Chicken & Waffles

Mr. Powdrell’s BBQ House
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