Alibi V.19 No.13 • April 1-7, 2010 

ABQ Beer Geek

I'd Tap That!

The Turtle Mountain sampler
The Turtle Mountain sampler
John Reeves Running Eye Productions

No dazzling tales of drunken ribaldry this time. Instead, I spoke with beer masters at our fine Albuquerque brewpubs about this week’s special rotating taps. That way, you can schedule your week around beers to try, much like I plan mine around “TV Guide.” These rotating beers are usually made in small batches, so don't be surprised if something is out upon your visit. I suggest trying to visit each brewery daily to avoid the chance of disappointment.

Marble Brewery

Ted Rice

Simcoe Pale Ale “This single hop pale ale is a great spring beer, with big citrus hop aroma and flavor, little malt character, and a nice crisp and refreshing finish.” 5.4 percent Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

Extra Special Bitter (ESB) “This beer is highlighted by rich English malts and just the right amount of hops to add balance.” 5.9 percent ABV

Marble Bock “Dominated by Munich and Vienna malts, this beer has a malty rich flavor without being too sweet.” 7.1 percent ABV

Porter “Dark and rich with a dry finish.” 4.7 percent ABV

TIPA “Triple IPA. Loads of hops, rich pale malt, long bitter-sweet finish.” 11 percent ABV

Il Vicino

Brady McKeown

Rye PA “Rye malts, slightly spicy and hopped like an American IPA.” 7.2 percent ABV

Odin's Imperial Red “Packed with more hops than any beer we make.” 9.2 percent ABV

Mystery Tap “Could be one of 11 specials left over from our Malt Madness Tournament.”

Chama River Brewing Co.

Justin Hamilton

Amarillo Pale Ale “This recipe showcases the distinct flavors and aromas of this popular hop variety.” 6.5 percent ABV

Extra Special Bitter (ESB) “English caramel malt and London ESB ale malt give this beer a copper hue and rich, earthy aroma.” 6.2 percent ABV

Irish Red “Malty aromatics and superb mouthfeel paired with a beautiful crimson color.” 5.4 percent ABV

Baltic Porter “Bold, dark and delicious, with a silky mouthfeel.” 8.4 percent ABV

Turtle Mountain Brewing Co.

Adam Galarneau

Cherry Baby “This cherry wheat ale has a soft hint of cherries and underlying wheat tones.” 5.3 percent ABV

Irish Red “This amber ale has a dark rich color and flavor with the use of Melanoidin malts.” 7 percent ABV

Essbuh EJB ESB “This Extra Special Bitter (ESB) is named after and dedicated to our late friend, Eric J. Benjamin.” 5.8 percent ABV

Ol' 536 Old Ale “This was the last beer brewed (and our 536th batch brewed) at our old location; brewed with 11 different malts and three different hops.” 5.6 percent ABV

Unglued Ale “Made with white sorghum as opposed to malted barley, this is a gluten-free beer with more than a pound of Centennial hops per barrel.” 5.8 percent ABV

Ironman Black IPA “One of our most aggressive IPAs, done for our 11th anniversary, with over four pounds of CTZ and Galena hops per barrel!” 9.3 percent ABV

Celtic Brown “This English-style brown ale is brewed using raw sugars, English crystals and East Kent Goldings hops.” 6 percent ABV

Molasses Porter “This porter blends Munich, chocolate and black malts with Summit and East Kent Goldings hops and over 2 1/2 gallons of molasses.” 7.6 percent ABV

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