Burque Burger Week: All the Best Burgers in Albuquerque
 Alibi V.28 No.21 • May 23-29, 2019 

Burque Burger Week

Burque Burgers Bonanza

All the best burgers in the 505, all in one convenient place

Lindy’s Diner

500 Central Ave. SW

Lindy’s burger
all photos by Eric Williams Photography

Lindy’s Diner has been a staple of Downtown eating for a very long time, so it should be no surprise that they brought their best out for Burger Week. The Spartacus is made from lean ground beef with handmade patties that are never frozen. First, it’s topped with sliced gyro, followed by melted feta on top. On top of that, you get a whole grilled jalapeno and a side of pepperoncini, with the standard lettuce, tomato and pickle. To top it all off, there’s a side of tzatziki sauce, adding a bit of cool to the heat that the peppers bring. All of this with a side of hand-cut french fries, and you have a burger worth looking forward to. While it’s always on their menu, it’s worth checking it out this week.

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Cecilia’s Café

230 Sixth Street SW

Cecilia’s burger

Cecilia’s Café is a well-known local favorite, especially for breakfast. But their lunch options aren’t something to sleep on, including their offering for burger week, Pablo’s Burger. This double-patty burger is seasoned to perfection, topped with crispy bacon, melty cheese, juicy tomatoes and creamy guacamole. Add on to that sautéed jalapenos and your choice of red or green (we went with the green and were super pleased with that choice). Served with a side of french fries, it’s a full meal with a touch of heat from chile adding that extra oomph that pushes it into the extraordinary. This is a year-round feature on their menu, but if you’re going hard on Burger Week, don’t miss the chance to get in on this as soon as you can.

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B2B Bistronomy

3118 Central Ave. SE

B2B’s burger

B2B Bistronomy is already one of Nob Hill’s go-to burger havens, featuring more burgers than you know what to do with. For Burger Week, they brought out their New Mexico Burger topped with a fried egg. All their beef is New Mexican farm fresh Angus, and it’s never frozen. With over a third of a pound of beef per patty, all flame-grilled, there’s more than enough to bite into. The New Mexico Burger features a shredded four-cheese Mexican blend with red or green sauce topped with a gorgeous fried egg that you can practically taste from just looking at it. This amazing combination of two burgers is on offer during Burger Week, but you can always order the New Mexico Burger with a fried egg if your heart and stomach didn’t get enough on the first round.

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Steel Bender Brewyard

8305 Second Street NW

Steel Bender’s burger

Steel Bender Brewyard has already made quite a name for themselves with their craft beers, but they brought another layer of love with their Smoke Burger for Burger Week. Featuring house-smoked ground beef topped with buttermilk-battered onion strings, a housemade BBQ sauce as well as their unique Bender sauce, all atop a Pastian’s Bakery roll, this is an elaborate burger worth your attention. The smoke taste brings that magic extra something that completes this burger, giving it a smokehouse quality that is hard to find, and even harder to do right. Served with hand-cut fries and pairing perfectly with most of their beers, you have to go and try it for yourself to understand the amount of work and care put into this killer burger.

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Blake’s Lotaburger

Various locations

double green chile-cheese Lotaburger

If you live in New Mexico, you’ve been to Blake’s Lotaburger a few times before. This year for Burger Week, they’re showcasing their double green chile-cheese Lotaburger. This classic is everything you’re looking for in a burger, without the inconvenience of sitting down and going through a full-service order. Stacked two patties high, covered in some of the best green chile in New Mexico, with all the fixings and featuring the fantastic beef Blake’s is locally famous for. Don’t forget to order it with their fries (I prefer seasoned, but traditional is never a bad choice), and one of their shakes to wash it all down. Is it the most inventive burger on the list? It doesn’t need to be, because they know how to do burgers just the way people like them: simple, delicious, original and just big enough to fill you up.

Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro

3009 Central Ave. NE

Zinc’s burger

When you think of Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro, you probably don’t think of hamburgers, which is fair. But just because their place is high-end doesn’t mean they can’t make a burger to match, which is why they brought out the California Patty Melt. Featuring an incredibly juicy patty on toasted sourdough, this non-traditional patty melt features thick cut slices of brie, just oozing gentle flavor all over the burger, with slices of avocado to match. Add on to that sweet grilled onions, plus their homemade fries with some sides of sweet (but enjoyably spicy) Peppadew peppers, and you have a burger that feels right at home in an upscale dining establishment, but still feels worth getting messy for. Get it this week before it’s gone and you’re left dreaming of California with nothing to show for it.

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Spectators Bar and Grill

5850 Eubank Blvd. NE #59

Spectators’ burger

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been to Spectators Bar and Grill, either for a drink or to play pool with our friends. At times, you can forget about the “grill” part of their name, and they want to change that. Their Albuquerque Burger is a timeless classic, featuring a perfectly cooked patty, topped with their guacamole, Monterey jack cheese and green chile, which gives it that Albuquerque flair. Coming with a side of crispy fries, it’s the perfect companion to a couple of drinks with your friends to keep you standing during a long night of celebrating.

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400 Central Ave. SW

Brixen’s burger

It’s hard to miss Brixens in the landscape of Downtown, where it shines with such brightness that you would have to be intentionally avoiding looking to not see it. But another reason to check them out is their amazing selection of food, including burgers, like the 66 Crunch Burger. Featuring a handformed 6.6 ounce beef patty, with both American and cheddar, all topped with the crunch of a bunch of thinly cut fried potatoes, this monstrously tall burger is juicy, crunchy and impossible to stop eating once you begin. Served with a side of house fries covered in a red chile BBQ seasoning with a side of their fry sauce, this is a burger experience you’d be remiss not to partake in.

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Holy Cow Burgers

700 Central Ave. SW

Holy Burger

Holy Cow Burgers uses the tagline “tastes like heaven”, which is about as on point as it gets. Building up a hell (or should I say heaven) of a following since they opened, Holy Cow Burgers has become one of the go-to spots for simply amazing burgers. The special burger they’re running this week might look familiar to past readers, as it’s the same as last year’s. Why run it two years in a row? Because it’s just that good. Featuring their signature beef patty, it’s topped with fried avocado, covered in a wonderful bacon onion jam, with thick Velveeta cheese and a dill pickle slaw to finish. If you’ve never been, make sure to stop in and get their Fried Avocado Burger.

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11225 Montgomery Blvd. NE


Grassburger knows that a hamburger doesn’t have to just be a hamburger. With grass fed beef and cooking with sunflower oil, these burgers don’t leave a heavy brick feeling in your system after you’re done eating them. Their feature burger is their Bacon Cheddar Burger, featuring melty smooth cheddar and crunchy crispy bacon on top of their uniquely styled patty. With a leaner beef, the taste profile is more subdued and allows the other parts to stand on their own, including their chipotle mayo, which adds another layer of heat to the already well built flavor profile. With two locations on the East and West sides of town, you have no excuse not to go try a Grassburger.

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Kelly’s Brew Pub

3222 Central Ave. SE

Kelly’s burger

Kelly’s Brew Pub has been an iconic part of the landscape of Nob Hill for as long as I can remember, so it should be no surprise that their food is equally iconic. The Smackdown Burger lives up to its name, by smacking down any and all who oppose it in the field of burger battle. This 6-ounce burger is covered in pepper jack cheese, beer cheese, tons of green chile, fried pickles, an avocado cream, all served on a brioche bun. Is it messy? Absolutely. Are you going to be smacked down by the immense flavor profile of this burger? 100 percent. Is it worth every second? Yes, yes and yes.

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Nob Hill Bar & Grill

3128 Central Ave SE

Nog Hill Bar & Grill’s burger

Nob Hill Bar & Grill has always been a fantastic spot to stop in and eat, and their burgers are a testament to that. Featuring the Dirty Burger, this behemoth of a burger is made with local ground beef with chile con queso, a Texas-style Kobe chile, frizzled onions, bacon, a fried egg and beeronaise. This big messy burger earns the name dirty because it feels wrong that something can taste this good. Served with their amazing sea salt fries, this is a meal not to be trifled with, but deserving of your attention and time.

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