Alibi V.13 No.29 • July 15-21, 2004 

Cool Stuff

The New Talin Market: An International Grocery Store at Louisiana and Central

1) The new Talin Market World Food Fare has a spacious, bright and colorful interior that rivals the most deluxe stores in the city. It feels like a Wild Oats where the spelt cookies and soy yogurt have been replaced by wasabi peas, mango chutney and chickpea flour.

2) Squid balls, fresh udon noodles, kim chee and water chestnuts: the refrigerated cases at Talin will inspire you to try your hand at cooking things you've only eaten at restaurants. The freezer cases are even more exciting, with soft shelled crabs, whole durian, banana leaves, egg rolls and then some.

3) Talin has everything you need to make sushi at home. Wasabi, nori, surimi, even bamboo rolling mats, chopsticks and those little dishes you mix your wasabi and soy sauce in.

4) What's kanom mor kaeng taste like? Like nothing you've ever tasted before. And for $1.95, it's an international culinary adventure anyone can afford.