All The News That's Fit To Eat

All The News That's Fit To Eat

Gwyneth Doland
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Oooh, pizza. So tasty! There's a new homestyle, Southern Italian restaurant up on Eubank (1435 to be exact), where Lo Stivale used to be. The place is called Al Vincenzo's after the two partners, Al and Vince, who opened the restaurant in late November. The space got a bit of a facelift, with fresh earth-toned paint and subtle, cable lighting. Al, also known as Albert D'Angelo, grew up in New York and Albuquerque but recently moved back from the Big Apple and decided to continue his career in the restaurant biz with a restaurant here. He serves good thin-crusted pizza with all the usual topping options plus a few specialty combinations like the Vegan: mozzarella, pepperoni, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon and ground beef. Ooh, wait, sorry, that one's called the Abruzzi. But seriously, there are a few pasta sauces without meat and a number of veggie-heavy salads mixed in among the meaty, sausage-y pastas. D'Angelo hopes to expand the menu when his beer and wine license is approved so look for exciting changes in the coming months.

Bubble tea, Albuquerque loves you. The (in)famous Richard Agee (of Atomic Cantina) stopped us in the Circle K parking lot the other day to deliver the news that a new bubble tea shop had opened near Cau Garden at San Mateo and Zuni. Called Double Bubble, the somewhat sparse blue and purple interior is reminiscent of being in a fishbowl, which is kind of cool. They've got tons of hot and cold bubble tea flavors to choose from in creamy, fruity (some can be made with real fruit juice) or funky flavors like soursop or purple Oreo. We're not even kidding. The purple Oreo flavor drink is yes, a bright shade of lavender. Why? We have no idea. But perhaps more importantly it tastes exactly like puréed Oreos even though we're pretty sure there are no actual Oreo cookies in it. Chocoholics will appreciate a sizable array of flavored hot chocolate and mocha drinks. And they've got a foosball table that you can rent for $3 an hour!

The more time you guys spend checking out new restaurants, reading other newspapers and discovering great food finds, the more time I get to spend cruising the Internet for monkey porn and I happily reward you for doing my job. E-mail, call 346-0660 ext. 245 or fax 256-9651 with your dish. Hard workers will be rewarded with a gift certificate to NYPD, the Wine Bar and Café at Page One or Maximito's.

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