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We’re not known for luxurious desserts—it’s not our thing. We get too full too fast. We prefer savory salts, the occasional soft, ripe, bloomy artisan French cheese and hard after-dinner liqueurs. We gorge on calories in other ways. But for the holidays, when the fruitcakes and weird chocolate logs start showing up on people’s tables, there are some far easier, more awesome ways to serve festive treats—and get drunk at the same time. We’ve become obsessed with baking apples in apple beer.

The idea—not ours—came from our friend Molly’s grandfather, who ran a Brooklyn deli for years and served baby apples baked with cherry cola inside. That grossed us out at first, then it turned us on: Why not slowly roast apples in a beer that already tastes like them, thereby fortifying them with more appleness as well as all the Belgian spice notes of a beer like Unibroue’s Éphémère? To “seal the deal,” as it were, we came up with a coriander-spiked pastry crumble to bring out the spice in the white winter beer.



Beverage: Unibroue’s Éphémère

Soundtrack: Silver Apples’ “I Have Known Love”
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