Bake Your Pies The Modern Way With Retro Pies!

Campy Mid-Century Illustrations And Long-Lost Recipes Sure Taste Great Together

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From the vintage image-obsessed folks at Collectors Press comes this colorful, fun and funny little cookbook, just in time for the holidays. Sprinkled throughout its pages are more than 80 recipes for both sweet and savory pies. Some of the recipes, like Martha's Cherry Pie are familiar old standards, the kinds of pies that experienced bakers wouldn't even need a recipe for. Others, like Front Porch Sweet Cheese Pie or Mock Mincemeat pie are just kooky enough to inspire you to bake. Even if you're not a baker, though, the campy “modern family” pictures are a real kick in the pants. Happy housewives in A-line skirts, flowery aprons and three-inch heels take joy and pride in baking golden-crusted pies! Rosy cheeked kids grin deliriously when they see what Mom's got in the oven! Dad relaxes with a shiny red apple as Mom whips up something spectacular in her space-age kitchen! Looking for a bittersweet memory pie topped with gleeful optimism? Try one of the recipes below.

Retro Pies: A Collection of Celebrated Family Recipes by Linda Everett (Collectors Press, hardcover, $16.95)

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