Balloon-Chaser'S Brunch

It'S Been A Hard Day'S Night—You Should Be Eatin' Like A King!

Laura Marrich
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Watching balloons float through the cold, autumnal predawn does a lot more than inspire awe in those who witness it—it also stirs up a brisk and compelling appetite for things that comfort us. For the enthusiasts who come out to Balloon Fiesta Park each year, there are plenty of autumnal mornings to be had; and for each of them there's an egg and cheese breakfast burrito, a four-pack of cinnamon rolls, a steamy cup of hot cocoa. Bliss.

For the first few days, anyway. And then the pilot gets burned out on breakfast burritos.

What then? We raided the wine shop at the new St. Clair Winery and Bistro in hopes of finding an answer. Sure enough, we found a few ingenious items that seemed perfectly suited for balloon enthusiasts with loftier aspirations for breakfast. We looked for compact, durable and lightweight luxuries that could travel as well as the people who would use them. And they had to be affordable. The “mimosa” that we found, for example, is a local sparkling wine with the orange juice already mixed right in the bottle. And at $9 a bottle, everyone can afford to celebrate.

We pulled the brunch toast recipe out from somewhere in our collective breakfast unconscious. It combines all the elements of a full American breakfast—eggs, bacon, cheese, French toast and jam, even the O.J. and maple syrup is here. It's a fresh take on some great old classics, and it just keeps getting better every time we make it. We promise you and your crew will gobble them up.

Grab it and go chase some balloons.

A Moveable Feast

A Moveable Feast


Hot coffee or espresso

St. Clair Mimosa Sparkling Wine

Apricot-cheddar brunch toast

Whole local apples

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