Beer Guy: Craic Open A Cold One

Peter Karlsen
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Beer Guy
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It took one weekend and a Monday night for me to plow through the entire offering of Quarter Celtic house brews. Sure, I could have done it in one sitting—there’s only five of them—and almost did on the one occasion when I ended up ordering a total of three pints and a 4oz taste test. The 4oz, by the way, is your best bang for the buck. Literally. A 4oz sample is only $1. Pints of 16oz volume go for $5. Just sayin’.

Nevertheless, in my opinion Quarter Celtic has three outstanding offerings and two not so great ones. The heavily hopped Mor-Buck IPA (7.25% ABV) is exactly what you would expect from a New Mexico-style American IPA. The Rye’t Side of Dublin (6.5% ABV) RyePA was something of a surprise, also generously hopped but a bit more balanced than the IPA. The Quarter Porter (6.25% ABV) was likewise great: smokey and robust with a bit of a savory, coffee-like flavor to it. Exactly what I want in a porter.

The two I didn’t care for were the Knotted Blonde (5% ABV) and the Crimson Lass Red (6% ABV), both for the same reason. The malting was just not to my taste. That’s not to say they aren’t great beers and you may very likely feel the complete opposite. There was simply a hint of something in the red that reminded me of Killian’s Irish Red, which I drank diabolically too much of in college and never want to taste again. Plus, I’m spoiled by Marble as to what a red should be (and which I’ve heard criticized as being what a red should not be—so, you know, there’s that, too). Or how about instead of just reading what I think, you go there, order a $5 flight and form your own opinion. It’s a good use of $5. Sláinte!
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