Best Of Burque Ballot

Less Than 24 Hours To Vote In Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017

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Extinction Event Imminent!
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Yes, that ominous rumbling you hear IS the sound of the Great Age of Best of Burque Restaurants voting coming to its vainglorious conclusion. When? Tomorrow, Sept. 20 at high noon!

But before the warm-blooded smilodons and giant mastodon shrews take over, there is still time to cast your vote for Best Breakfast Burrito, Best Hangover Cure or Best Restaurant for Vegetarians and Carnivores to Coexist. Who has the Best Grilled Cheese? What is the Best Greasy Spoon? Where can you get the Best Service? Weekly Alibi wants to know!

Just log in with your Facebook, Google or account and fill out the ballot by 9/20 at 12pm. That’s when the volcanic eruptions end all voting life as we know it. Don’t waste your final hours!
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