Bite: Pistachio Hummus

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Over the last week, we’ve been experimenting with pickling and sprouting, two ways to make awesome components for whatever you like to eat. Techniques are still being formulated, so those recipes are forthcoming.

With our first batch of pickled onions, we made a sprightly little white bean hummus, flavored not with tahini, but a roasted-and-spiced pistachio purée. The sweetness of the spice and all the niceties of the nuts really make a rad platform for the briny, crunchy onions (a recipe we’ll divulge soon).

We made a little sandwich of the hummus in between two tortilla chips and topped it with the pickled onion and some cumin sprouts. This stuff’s perfect for a midday snack or as a component for a clever canapé for the next time your friends wanna hang.



Soundtrack: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, "Free and Easy"
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