Chowtown: Special Print-Only Chowtown Supplement In This Week’s Alibi

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Special print-only Chowtown supplement in this weekÕs Alibi
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We know it’s not very cyber, but inside this week’s print edition you’ll find a very useful insert containing all the deets and digits and snappy capsule reviews of hundreds upon hundreds of Albuquerque eateries, lunch counters, panaderias, paleterias, fine dining restaurants and burrito joints. It’s a supplement to tuck away in your glove compartment or magazine rack, for leafing through and for reference. Of course all the content is available on our website 24/7, but to have it on newsprint and in the palms of your sweaty hands? Nirvana! We invite you to pick up a Weekly Alibi this week and experience it for yourself.


Burque is a Chowtown

A place of sweet red chile,

This is our foodie countdown

From eggs to fries to phillies

If you’re on the hunt

For your next amazing bite,

We are on the forefront

Finding restaurants about which to write

From the Westside to Uptown

We know where to go,

From crack of dawn to sundown

From rooftop bar to patio

If Indian food is what you want

Or Mediterranean is more your type,

We’ll tell you about our favorite restaurant

And where you should believe the hype

An array of categories

From foie gras to pad thai,

Here’s a map of epicurean glories

Right here in your
Weekly Alibi

So when your tummy is rumbling

Flip through these pages,

We won’t leave you fumbling

Find the best food you’ve tried in ages
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