Colonel Kurtz’ Napalm Báhn Mì

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Fixin’s fit for the king of sandwiches (Alex Brown and Evan George)
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We’d like to think that when Marlon Brando was getting ready to emerge on the set of Apocalypse Now he started gorging himself on something that was regionally specific. He wanted something that would keep him cool and satiated in the jungle, something that would soothe and excite his sizable abdomen when Francis Ford Coppola pumped him full of drugs after butchering cows and freaking out in front of Playboy Bunnies. “I don’t need to read the script,” he thought. “I just need another goddamn sandwich.”

This is our take on the most old-school of Franco-Asian fusion: báhn mì, the fresh and awesome Vietnamese baguette sandwich. Make one of these and terminate … terminate with extreme prejudice.

Hot Knives

Hot Knives

Hot Knives

Beverage: PranQster Golden Ale

Soundtrack: Gong’s Angel’s Egg

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