Covid 19 To-Do Guide

Dan Pennington
4 min read
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Okay, we’re really in the thick of it right now. For many, it’s easy to get disheartened. Maybe it’s the optimist in me, maybe it’s the fact that I believe the United States won’t let thousands of businesses close over this, but I believe that when this is all over, things will be okay. Things will go back to normal, albeit a different normal than before, but they will return. Our best shot at getting through this is community support where we can give it and building ourselves up using the power of local. In fact, thinking it over, Albuquerque stands the best chance of anywhere of making it out okay, because we’ve always been the “little city that could.” So while we’re quarantined, here is a list of things to do while homebound.

Words O' Wisdom Learn A New Skill

This is something that tends to have a generational divide, due to the younger folks just intrinsically understanding how to use the internet to its fullest potential, though there are some older folks who have figured it out, too. There is nothing you can’t learn through the internet. The art of self-teaching isn’t too hard, either through YouTube, Wikipedia, how to guides and more, you can search up and start learning anything. Ever wanted to figure out Photoshop? Now is the time to pull up some videos and follow step by step instructions to do so. Is there a dish you’ve been too intimidated to make? Someone will show you all the tricks they know to make it perfectly. Is a part of your home in need of renovation? Maybe tread a little lighter with that, but realistically, you can do it! We’ve been given the gift of time, why not use it to better ourselves for the new future we soon need to face?

Words O' Wisdom Connect With Those We Love

Yes, two weeks stuck indoors with family might sound like a literal nightmare for you, but when was the last time we sat down and shared, earnestly and honestly, with them about ourselves? Learning new skills is great, but learning about those in your life is priceless. The stories of the family’s history, of our grandparent’s high school misadventures, of your single aunt’s first time doing shrooms, these stories can ignite a fire in us to keep us lit and strong during all this. It’s a flame we will be able to carry and pass on to others, as our stories live and die with us otherwise. Make the time to enjoy those who are with us now, because chances to spend time together like this don’t come around often.

Words O' Wisdom Practice Some Self Care

The US National Library for Medicine has a scientific article about a study done on the immune system while under stress and fear. The short version is that the system is made to resist disease in fight-or-flight situations, but as that system continues to experience stress, it becomes compromised to fighting off diseases (PMC1361287 for anyone interested in reading more.) Essentially, the longer we stay stressed, the worse our body gets at fighting off infections. We have to acknowledge that the control we (us personally) have in this situation is minimal. We stay away from others and wait it out, going out only for urgent necessities. Use this time at home to take care of yourself. You’ve earned this relaxation. Pop on Netflix, enjoy that bottle of wine you’ve been saving and take an honest-to-God bubble bath. Let March be the official month of self-care, and give your system a breather to catch back up. You’ve earned it.
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