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Most our homies don’t need encouragement to eat their leafy greens, but hey, it happens. For those who don’t get salad (and they are out there, even among vegans), there is one and only one cure: excellent croutons. They can turn a plate of salad into a big bowl of tasty bread that happens to have some lettuce mixed in it.

Yet there’s an even better reason to start making your own croutons: With bread, we either toss out the leftover heels or kinda make ourselves eat them. Don’t do it! Simply save the end of each loaf, keep it in the fridge for up to 3 weeks, and when you have a heel of rye, a couple pieces of stale French bread, a pair of squaw bread slices and a hamburger bun that’s about to go, just cut ’em up and dress ’em up right! The crew will never notice.

Hot Knives

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