Eater's Digest: St. Patrick’s How To Guide

Eater's Digest: St. Patrick’s How To Guide

Dan Pennington
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Can you all believe it’s March already? It feels like the last two months have vanished in a blink as we now begin our preparations for the glorious return of spring. It’s time to break out our lighter clothes (weather permitting) and get back out there to enjoy all the nice warm air before it turns into a sweltering heat death. As next week is the unofficial spring kick-off, St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), we’ve got some celebration tips to help keep you green and happy.

Eater's Digest Green Beer

Is this a stupid tradition? Absolutely. Arguably the least appetizing color for a beer, green is still the color of the day, so roll with it. Food dye and a lighter beer variety (best of luck trying to make a stout green) match up to make your drinking escapades shaded in the traditional color of the day. Some recommendations for local beer you can grab and color would be the Marble Double White, Tractor Brewing’s Haymaker Honey Wheat, Enchanted Circle Brewing’s Panty Tosser Peach Wheat and Bosque Brewing’s Bosque Lager. If you’re going to do green beer, ignore the garbage national beers like Natty Light and anything from Budweiser (yeah, I said it!) and stick with local. The only exception would be Guinness, and that’s given a pass for tradition.

Eater's Digest Corned Beef And Cabbage

Arguably the most important part of the day, corned beef and cabbage is the dish we love to love only once a year. It’s salty, it’s traditional, it’s iconic. Quarter Celtic Brew Pub, which we reviewed last year, does an amazing corned beef and cabbage offering. Conversely, you could visit Two Fools Tavern, and double down on their corned beef and exceptional whiskey selection. Don’t feel like eating out? Why not make it yourself, and visit Dr. Field Good in the newly opened Sawmill Market, who will soon become your favorite butcher. With a simple brine, you’ll be able to take your brisket and turn it into the salty treat of the day with ease.

Eater's Digest Aftercare

Aftercare is something a lot of us forget on St. Patrick’s Day, leading to the next day being a miserable slog. One year in particular where I had aggressively imbibed only whiskey and an endless barrage of slabs of corned beef, I remember waking up in the middle of the night and realizing I had roughly zero percent water in my system and rectifying the situation with four glasses of water. Don’t let this be you! Have some electrolyte-replenishing materials at the ready, like Pedialyte. Keep a steady flow of water coming through your night of drinking to help balance the immense dry out factor. And don’t be afraid to take it a little easy on the night of. Sure, it’s a time for celebration, but what good is celebration if it’s immediately followed by immense pain?
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