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Sometimes kooky fusion combos are better, more soulful, when improvised on the spot rather than premeditated. This one was borne from us being too tired, lazy, brain-dead and starving on a weekday night to be pithy or political with our pairings.

Falatkes are, you guessed it, a cross between falafels and latkes. Shredded potato and zucchini are more vegetative in flavor than garbanzo beans, but toasted cumin just happens to make anything taste like pure falafel. Rather than mess with a condiment that embodied the already-weird pairing (like an apple-tzatziki sauce), we served these crispy critters on a bed of Israeli couscous with mixed greens and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses. But if you have the resources you could also pop ’em in a pita. Or a bagel? See, we always go too far.



Beverage: A Flying Dog ale

Soundtrack: Kinski’s Alpine Static
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