Food Event: Become A Personal Chef To Your Pup

Learn The Secrets To Making Your Own Dog Food

Dan Pennington
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Dan’s dog
The hungriest boy in question, waiting for his next small feast as a snack. (Dan Pennington)
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I am in love with my dogs. Mako and Mouse, both piles of fur full of love, are one of the consistent joys I’ve got in my life. Mako, a 50-pound Chow/German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix, is a calm and relaxed dog coming up on 6 years of age, who eats modestly and reasonably. Mouse, on the other hand, is a Caucasian Ovcharka, just shy of 2 years old, currently sitting at 140 pounds and still growing. Packed to the brim with that big puppy energy, he’s almost entirely skin and bones, not an ounce of fat to be found, from the running and playing he does, and is eating over 10 cups of food a day. An old tweet from comedy genius @dril on Twitter read: “Food $200, Data $150, Rent $800, Candles $3,600, Utility $150. someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying” seems to fit my situation. Needless to say, my dog food bill is candles in this scenario, and I need a better solution. I assume when the food runs out, the couches are next, then the walls and, inevitably, me.

Thankfully, that’s where Marty’s Meals’ freshly-made Organic Dog & Cat Food (506 West Cordova Rd., Santa Fe) comes to the rescue. On Saturday, Dec. 14, they’ll be holding a class called Become a Personal Chef to your Pup! Finally, a solution to Mouse’s ironic appetite. Dr. Kim Freeman and Sandy Bosben will be teaching the class, offering the chance for you to learn how to create not only a tasty meal for your dog, but one that is nutritionally balanced. Taking place from 11am to 1pm, you’ll be in a classroom/kitchen full of other dog lovers, learning how to give your fur-baby the high-end meals of their dreams.

Now, this isn’t just a sit back and watch kind of class. This is one that requires your involvement from start to finish. Anyone can pop YouTube open and check a video on how to cook meals for your dog, but it’s a whole other animal (some pun intended) to actually do it. Thankfully, you’ll be walked through the steps of creation, hand held in a judgment-free zone, finally able to learn and not fear you’re making something horrible by accident. The class itself will provide all the ingredients you need, so please, leave your fresh meat at home. You’ll be able to choose from organic chicken, local grass-fed beef or pasture-raised rabbit and a variety of organic veggies, organic grains and supplements. They’ll also have raw or gently cooked options, for those of you that are concerned about such things.

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Besides knowledge of being a personal chef to your dog and a pleasant day trip up to Santa Fe that will inevitably have some drinking involved, what else do you get from the class? You’ll be the owner of roughly 10 pounds of dog food, ready for your pet to dig into and enjoy. All it will cost you is $80 to $90, depending on the protein you choose to incorporate into the meal you’re creating. But be warned, this is by RSVP only, so you’ll need to call (505) 467-8162 to secure your spot in the class. Don’t be the person that tells your dog you’re going out to do something special for them, and then end up coming home empty handed. That will break their little hearts, and no one wants that.

The final question you might have is, “will it be worth it?” Well, judging by Marty’s Meals’ nearly 7 years of operation in Santa Fe and Boulder, you know they’re doing something right. Finding the sweet balance of high-quality food and the affordability to feed it to your pet is a difficult thing to do (I know all too well) and maintaining that trust between them and the consumer is no small task, especially for this long. It is safe to assume they’ve got the trick down just right to make sure this is worth your time and energy, and that your pet is going to absolutely love it. When it comes to our pets, many of us feel that there is no option “too good” for them, and spoiling them is our Number One priority. This is a great way to learn more for yourself, while giving your dog not just variety, but better eating options, in their normal diet. If you ask me, that’s a win-win situation.
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