Food For Thought: Supper Is Over

One Of Albuquerque’s Most Beloved Food Trucks Is Shutting Down

Eric Castillo
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Supper is Over
A goodbye toast. (Eric Castillo)
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Many food trucks slow down their operations during the winter, and many take an extended break during the holidays. But one popular Albuquerque food truck, the Supper Truck, will be closing its window for the foreseeable future.

Unanticipated staffing issues coupled with family needs led Supper Truck owner Amy Black to put life as a food truck owner on hold. Black says she recognizes that food trucking is a business that requires either a full, strong staff or the owner to be involved directly. After welcoming her first child recently and losing a key staff member, Black realized the truck was going to require more of her time and attention than she had available and made the choice to put family first.

Her hope is that someone will take up the reins and continue the legacy of the Supper Truck.

“My dream right now would be to see it go on to the right person,” says Black. “I’d love more than anything to see somebody else take it to the next level and use it as a stepping stone to their own restaurant dreams.”

Anyone who takes over the truck, which Black is willing to sell with naming rights, better be ready to step up to the plate in a big way. To say Black has left big shoes to fill doesn’t quite capture the legacy of two successful years as one of the most popular food trucks in town. After all, the Supper Truck has consistently won several awards for best food truck, including the
Alibi’s Best of Burque Restaurant awards in 2013 and 2014.

Does the secret to success lie in the menu? Is it Black and her staff? Is it the sunshiny bright yellow paint job?

After getting to know Black, befriending the staff and eating more than my fair share of BBQ beef tacos over the last two years, I’ve found the Supper Truck’s formula for success comes down to a few key points. Between the menu, the staff and Black’s commitment to community, it’s no small wonder that the Supper Truck has enjoyed a hugely successful run.

“We didn’t do what everybody else did,” explains Black. “I think that’s exactly why the menu was so popular. … We tried to embrace street food and have things that were a little edgier and different.” With innovations like borrachitos and their chicken and waffle taco, they did.

As important as an innovative menu was, another key component of success was the work ethic of Black and her staff.

“I don’t think it’s that hard to stand out if you work hard,” says Black. “Being reliable is important with anything you do. It’s going to work if you put the time and energy into it.”

The importance of reliability in the food truck industry can’t be overstated. The Supper Truck maintained a steady schedule, especially when it came to serving curbside at breweries and Black’s favorite weekly event, Tasty Tuesdays.

The regular Tuesday gathering at Hyder Park holds a special significance for Black. It’s an event that grew organically right in her neighborhood. The Supper Truck’s official grand opening took place at Marble Brewery on Sept. 29, 2012—a Friday. The Tuesday before, Black held a soft opening where she invited a couple dozen of her friends and family to Hyder Park. The positive response was immediate and park goers asked Black to bring back her truck every week, a request she was happy to fulfill.

“You see kids playing and neighbors getting to know one another, and that makes me happy,” Black emphasizes. “That’s absolutely one of the reasons I got a food truck.”

For Black, her Supper Truck wasn’t only about serving up quality food. It was about bringing people together, something she felt a food truck could do better than a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

“I was not drawn to opening a restaurant. I was drawn to opening a food truck specifically because I think that you can be more creative with that vessel.”

From curbside dining at Tractor and Marble to movies in the park and Tasty Tuesdays, it’s evident that Black accomplished what she set out to do.

If you think you’re the right person to take up the Supper Truck, contact Black with serious inquiries at (505)205-7877.
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