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The Power Of Peanut Butter

Joshua Lee
2 min read
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Last week, the ABQ Cheesecake Factory collected 1,100 jars of peanut butter to give to local food banks. Peanut butter is good because it has a long shelf life, is full of protein and tastes awesome on a spoon.

Food News Drop It Like It's Hot

Because of a few food shortages last year, we all got used to high prices on certain staples. And now that the stocks of those staples are back up to par, prices are dropping. (Which means we get to enjoy an illusory discount on groceries. Isn’t subjective experience a wonderful thing?)

Food News Voting, It's What's For Dinner

The Albuquerque School District is trying out something new. They let kids from all over town taste test possible food items on their lunch menu to decide which ones will stay. In my day, we got a carton of pseudo-milk and a rectangle of gray protein mash, and we liked it. "Choice?" I call it "spoiling."

Food News Buy The Winner A Beer

Four local breweries took home medals from the Great American Beer Festival in Denver last weekend. Congrats to Boxing Bear Brewing Co., Bosque Brewing Co., Marble Brewery and La Cumbre Brewing Co. Nice job, kids.

Food News O, Thanksgiving!

Dammit. I missed Canadian Thanksgiving again. It was last Monday. Oh well. Who cares about Canada, anyway?

Food News Homegrown Cheese

This Saturday, Oct. 15, learn how to make cheddar, mozzarella and many other delicious cheeses at a class being held at Old Windmill Dairy in Estancia. This is the perfect opportunity for me to get out from under the thumb of my cheese dealer. (He broke two of my fingers last spring when my gouda bill started to get out of hand. That was totally my fault, Jerry. Sorry.)
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