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Joshua Lee
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The Pantry Restaurant (1820 Cerrillos) in Santa Fe was just recognized as one of TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Bargain Dining Restaurants not the right linkin the country. Rather than using the often sketchy results of a poll, TripAdvisor chose winners based on the results of an algorithmic process on its website that observed quantity and quality of reviews for the restaurants over a 12-month period.

Food News Avocadogate

Oh, holy crap. A farmer strike in Mexico means an avocado shortage in New Mexico. I have no idea how to encapsulate the loss we all feel into a few dark squiggles on a computer screen, so I won’t even try. Can we have a moment of silence, please?

Food News Moment Of Silence

Food News Pepsi Plans To Make Healthier Drinks At Some Point

According to PepsiCo’s chief executive, Indra Nooyi, Pepsi plans on focusing on modern sweetening techniques to produce lower calorie drinks. Expect to see a difference by 2025 (if you live that long, you soda-swigging fool).

Food News Spread The Love

Food is Free Albuquerque,” a new non-profit that has the crazy idea that people in cities should be growing food-producing plants instead of decorative ones (which I once espoused to a room of apparently shocked and appalled coworkers), and that those people should share their food have set up shop in ABQ. Why do rationality and compassion seem like a novelty sometimes?

Food News Master's Touch

The deadline to sign up for the Santa Fe Master Gardener Association’s master gardener class (phew!) is swiftly approaching. Follow this link to put your name on the announcement list, so you’ll know when it’s signup time (usually around Nov. 1). That thing fills up like nobody’s business.

Food News Busy People Don't Have Time To Make Up Titles

A Japanese restaurant geared toward take-out customers? That’s brilliant, that is. Mogu Mogu (4001 Masthead NE) looks like the perfect option for the In-a-Rush crowd. With its Chipotle-style ordering setup and its low prices, you’ll be noshing fresh food on the street in no time. (Dammit, I’m late!)
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