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Joshua Lee
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Chama River Brewing Co. is throwing a Halloween beer dinner and costume party, promising five Halloween-y courses alongside house and specialty beers. Drop those plans, and get reservations quick. It goes down this Thursday, Oct. 27, at 6:30pm. Tickets are $60. For reservations, call 342-1800.

Food News Our Chile Culture, Stolen!

A New York restaurant, Rafele, is hanging up ristras and growing their own green chile. Hashtag cultural appropriation! How dare they enjoy chiles in other places? It just makes me so mad!

Food News Peak Bummer

High Finance, the 38-year-old restaurant located at the top of Sandia Peak, is closing. Don’t freak, though. A sleeker, more modern restaurant is planned to open in its place in 2018.

Food News Ronald Mcdonald In Hiding, Blames Anti-Clownism

Earlier this month, McDonald’s announced that we wouldn’t be seeing their mascot, Ronald McDonald until America changes it’s opinion of clowns. Spokeswoman Terri Hickey, in a statement to NBC News, said the company is, “being thoughtful in respect to Ronald McDonald’s participation in community events for the time being.” I am seriously starting to think someone is doping my Froot Loops. This can’t be real.

Food News Ish

Jennifer James, the celebrated local chef behind (you guessed it) Jennifer James 101, just opened a new restaurant called Frenchish (3509 Central NE). The new place is French that “doesn’t take itself too seriously.” I just like trying to say it out loud. “Frenchish. I’m going to … Frenchish.”

Food News Give Me My Bellyache, Dammit

Screw this news crap. It’s almost Halloween. I just want to swallow sugary junk by the wheelbarrow-ful and toilet paper my editor’s house (I’m coming for you, Chavez). [Editor’s note: Challenge accepted. Just you and me, mano a mano. No whining come Tuesday.] No one really wants to know what’s actually happening right now. We want goodies. So, a homework assignment: Here are 13 easy-to-make spooky Halloween treats. I want them on my desk no later than 10am Monday morning. Dismissed!
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