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We’re A Pie Town

Joshua Lee
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At this rate, ABQ is bound to become the pizza capital of the world! The country’s fastest-growing restaurant chain, Blaze Pizza, has plans to open up its first New Mexico location near San Pedro and Paseo del Norte next year. Construction is already underway.

Food News Flyingstargate Over?

Ah, yes. The exciting, real-life, ongoing drama that is the public airing of Flying Star’s financial troubles seems to have come to an end. It was announced last week that the owners of Flying Star have finally reached an agreement with creditors that they say will allow the popular restaurant to stay open and grow. Phew!

Food News Brazilian Food Reminds Protesters Of Trump?

So the Anti-Trump rally last week cost the owners of Tucanos (110 Central SW) $600 in repairs after someone decided to spray paint “Fuck Trump” on their windows. Interestingly enough, Donald Trump did not foot the bill. So, good job getting the message out there, asshole.

Food News Flix, Finally

It’s going down: The most anticipated business opening of the year, apparently. I’ve seen so much coverage hyping the coming Flix Brewhouse (3236 La Orilla NW )—which follows the successful beer-food-movie model—that if it doesn’t end up being the single greatest dining experience of my entire life, I will give up food and drink forever. It opens on Thursday near Coors and La Orilla with showings of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Food News Those Dreamy Buns

A Vietnamese tea/bakery/sandwich shop, SweeTea (4565 San Mateo NE), is having its grand opening Nov. 19. Picture beautiful coffee drinks and flavored teas, delicious Asian-inspired pastries and those amazing bánh mì sandwiches (the only food I’ve ever had an actual dream about). Oh hell, I can’t wait.

Food News Thanks For Giving

As we approach the holiday season (Holy crud, is that Thanksgiving around the corner?), keep in mind that charity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s not just somebody out there donating food and gifts for the less fortunate, it’s people like you and me. Here’s a list of some local food banks. Get to donating!
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