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Everyone Needs Approval

Joshua Lee
2 min read
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The only spot in the country to have a certified Animal Welfare Approved laying hen program on restaurant property is Albuquerque’s own El Pinto Restaurant (10500 Fourth Street NW). That makes it the largest restaurant in North America to serve AWA eggs!

Food News Pizza, Forever

The last year was rough for the restaurant industry. The majority of dining establishments across the country saw a serious slump in traffic. But one corner of the market is thriving: pizza parlors.

Food News Even More Pizza

Speaking of heavenly slices: Marco’s Pizza, a fast-growing chain, is looking to open a new location in ABQ.

Food News Turning Over A New Tortilla

Chipotle has decided to face facts. Customer satisfaction is at an all-time low. To combat the sad faces, the company is setting up some new policies that they say will speed up order times and make dining areas more accessible.

Food News World's Dumbest Pancake Crook

According to a criminal complaint, some dummy tried to dine-and-dash at the IHOP near Eubank and Central, apparently without noticing the APD officers who were eating just yards away. Long story short: They got him.
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