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Roadrunner Food Bank Fights The Good Fight

Joshua Lee
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The Roadrunner Food Bank says it donated 32 million pounds of food to an average of 70,000 people in 2016. Nice job! They are encouraging continued donations, though, since next year will be just as challenging as the last.

Food News Industry-Funded Research On Sugar Criticized

Mars Inc.—makers of Snickers, Skittles and a number of other candies—denounced an industry-funded paper that questions many of the recommendations and guidelines for consuming sugar. The paper concluded that the limits on sugar recommended by health authorities are informed by “inconsistent” rationale and evidence. The paper also just happened to be paid for by a non-profit organization with ties to Coca-Cola, Hershey and a number of other food companies.

Food News Panera To Improve Chicken Welfare

Panera Bread Co. announced that it will be working with animal welfare experts, growers and suppliers on cost-effective solutions to improve the welfare of broiler chickens. One broiler chicken to another: “Hear that, Steve? This is going to be my year!”

Food News Catholic Church Speaks Out Against Food Tax

Santa Fe Archbishop John C. Wester has said that he will oppose Rep. Jason Harper’s (R-Rio Rancho) efforts to reinstate a food tax on grocery items. The archbishop says the tax will simply be an effort to place the burden of the state’s budgetary crisis on the backs of poor people.

Food News Close To Home

The State Department of Health got a firsthand demonstration on why their jobs are so important earlier this month when dozens of employees came down with a nasty case of food poisoning following a DOH holiday luncheon. A Santa Fe diner—the Kick Ass Sandwich Shop—was named as the catering service responsible. Well, someone sure got their ass kicked.

Food News Good Friggin’ Luck

After a year that everyone seems to agree was terrible, a little spot of luck might be just what the doctor ordered. Here are some dishes you can eat on New Year’s Eve that will definitely, incontrovertibly bring you luck: black-eyed peas (of course), grapes (12 of them—one for each month), long noodles (eaten in many Asian countries as a symbol of longevity), pork, fish, cornbread or anything round (it implies an unbroken circle).
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