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Joshua Lee
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Check out New Mexico’s most geo-tagged restaurant on Instagram. (No. It’s not Twister’s.)

Food News This Kicks Ass

As I’m sure you’re aware, several employees of the Department of Health suffered from food poisoning in a grand display of irony following a department luncheon. The restaurant that catered the event—Kick Ass Sandwich shop in Santa Fe—was cited for not having a catering license. If that wasn’t enough juicy story for you, the owner of Kick Ass is now threatening to sue the department because he says they knew he’d never catered before. Sheesh.

Food News Swine Me

David Wright, owner of The Blazing Barn food truck, demonstrates how to make his Fine Swine sandwich in this video on KRQE.

Food News Beer Me

We all know this is a beer town, but now you can prove it. The Department of Workforce Solutions put out a report in November that shows New Mexico is 12th in the nation for the most breweries per capita (based on data from 2013).

Food News Save Some Room

Santa Fe Reporter’s Gwyneth Doland gives some much-needed advice on what to do with your leftover holiday desserts. I’m starting to get the sugar sweats.

Food News Fancy Brewing

The Wall Street Journal gave La Cumbre Brewing a shout-out in a feature story about regional beer variations. They said that’s where you can find the “wellspring of American beer.” How bourgeois!
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