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Freedom Of Wine

Joshua Lee
2 min read
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So, Senators Ron Griggs (R-Doña Ana, Eddy and Otero) and Bill O’Neill (D-Bernalillo) are sponsoring a bill that would allow diners to bring their own bottles of wine to restaurants. Weird. I guess we must have dealt with poverty, addiction and poor education already.

Food News Burrito Comeback

Chipotle Mexican Grill is opening two more locations in ABQ. One will open Jan. 21 at 2608 Central SE, and the other opens Feb. 23 at 3600 Coors NW. With all the changes they’ve been making, it’ll be fun to see what’s new.

Food News Bug In

Proponents of entomophagy—the practice of eating insects—say that even a small substitution of bugs every once and again would make a huge impact on our environment for the better. I still think they’re icky.

Food News Slip-Up Causes Major Damage

Last week, a truck hit a nasty patch of ice and plowed straight into Pasión Latin Fusion restaurant. Although no one was hurt (thankfully), there’s still the $10,000 in damages to deal with. The owner has set up a GoFundMe to help with the costs.

Food News Some People Are Jerks

Let’s end this with some awful, head-shaking news: Three different Mexican restaurants on Central—Taqueria, Los Compadres and Garcia’s Kitchen—had rocks thrown through their windows last week. Why? Nobody knows.
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