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The Robin Gets Around

Joshua Lee
2 min read
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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers is all set to open a new location at Winrock Town Center March 20. They are taking reservations for a soft opening right now.

Food News Cooking Vacation

Did you know you’re smack dab in the middle of Albuquerque Restaurant Week? Participating restaurants will “put their best food forward” at fixed prices, meaning you don’t have to cook the whole damn time. It ends March 12, so make sure to have a look at the event schedule and restaurant list.

Food News The N.m. Drive-Through Problem

So an 81-year-old woman hit a pillar in front of Jambo Café (2010 Cerrillos, Santa Fe), then backed up into two parked cars, then “surged ahead” 25 feet and drove into the popular Santa Fe restaurant! According to the Santa Fe Police Department, several diners sustained injuries. Authorities are currently calling it an “accident,” and say there was no malice in the act.

Food News Wiener War

Wienerschnitzel wants to build a new location near UNM and CNM on Yale, but the University Heights Neighborhood Association is fighting it, saying that a city ordinance bans drive-throughs from setting up inside their neighborhood.

Food News No Free Lunch?

Amber Wallin, the Kids Count Director, wrote an op-ed against the imposition of a food tax in N.M. See what you think.

Food News Déjà Vu

Pizza and beer: It’s all I seem to talk about week after week. Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom have announced plans to open a location in ABQ this year. So, expect another place serving cheese and toppings layered with sauce on baked dough, with beer on the side. I don’t know what else to tell you.
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