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Foodies Breathe Easy

Joshua Lee
2 min read
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ABQ restaurateur Kristina Leeder, owner of Conchita’s Creations, was the victim of a daring daytime food-truck-jacking last week. The thieves stole the truck right out of Leeder’s driveway. Luckily, it was found the next day parked by an abandoned house. No word yet on the state of the truck’s delicious contents.

Food News If You Build It, They Will Get Jacked

New Mexico Piñon Coffee Co. is digging in its heels and showing all those big-time, know-it-all coffee megacorps how we do it in the Land of Enchantment. That’s right, caffeine-freaks: In two and a half months, these crazy cats will be opening their first drive-thru location at 5222 Fourth Street NW. You’ll be able to get your locally-owned fix on the go-go-go. Screw you, Btarsucks.

Food News Art Like Yum

Meow Wolf, the art destination of New Mexico, has added food trucks to its list of attractions. Once you’ve burnt out your eyes and sense of wonderment wandering around the black-lit, hallucinogenic masterpiece, you can recoup right outside in the parking lot. Kebab Caravan, Taqueria Gracias Madre, Rainbow Snow and others will be there Wednesdays through Sundays, 11am to 8pm to refuel your art tank (“tummy”).
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