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Coffee That Kicks

Joshua Lee
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Former UFC welterweight champion and ABQ resident Carlos Condit is joining with some friends to create a craft coffee company called Hundred Hands Craft Coffee. Although there isn’t a plan for opening a brick and mortar storefront, the company is selling its coffee at The Shop (2933 Monte Vista NE).

Food News Free After 30 Minutes?

A new credit card system at an Amadeo’s Pizza (809 98th Street) glitched over the last six months, causing numerous credit card transactions to not go through. Now they’re finally charging those customers. They say to call the restaurant if you’re having trouble paying the old bill, and they’ll work it out.

Food News Mad Science

Dion’s started experimenting with their new green chile ranch dressing last week at two locations in Las Cruces. No word yet on when it will make its way to ABQ.

Food News Only One Will Leave

Ready to find out who will be duking it out for top honors in the green chile cheeseburger competition at the New Mexico State Fair? Here’s a list of the 12 competitors.

Food News Comfortingly Fresh

A new vegetarian eatery called the Acre Restaurant will be opening at 4410 Wyoming NE soon. The New York chef and owner Shawn Weed expects to open sometime in October and promises to dish out comfort vegetarian food with a farm-to-table concept.

Food News An Honor Just To Be Considered

The Center for Science in the Public Interest’s Xtreme Eating Awards “honored” The Cheesecake Factory, Texas Roadhouse, Domino’s and others for their high-calorie menus, calling them a threat to American health.
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