Food News: Bite-Sized Edition

Opa! Organic!

Nora Hickey
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Bite Sized Edition
The Germans are coming! The fun beer and bratwurst kind, not the not-so-fun other kind. (CC by Rochelle, just rochelle)
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Yanni’s, lauded purveyors of fragrant flaming cheese and delectable dolmathes, are expanding their extensive Greek cuisine to include harvest from the farm. Increasing their commitment to using non-GMO produce, Yanni’s has procured a plot of land in Nob Hill to transform into an urban farm near the esteemed restaurant. The two female farmers hired for the project have begun by leveling the land and building a 60-ft. raised bed to fill with organic soil and compost. The restaurant’s hope is to grow vegetables and herbs for use in Yanni’s signature Greek dishes and drinks, like the organic heirloom tomato caprese and the “Thyme after Thyme” summer cocktail. This is a development Albuquerque could grow to love.

Food News Sausage Fest

Carri Phillis, co-owner of downtown dance club Effex and the adjacent Adieux Café, plans to open her new German restaurant, Heimat House, on June 20. Located in the Northeast Heights, the European style eatery will feature schnitzel, pretzels, cheese and a dazzling array of encased meats. Diners can enjoy their choice of ‘wurst with a number of different beers—of the American and European variety. Although German-born Phillis has ties to Deutschland, her restaurant will also feature French and Polish food. New construction includes an indoor/outdoor beer garden, and the venue preserves the brass, copper and wood interior of the original building. If you’re looking for a new place to call “heimat” (rough translation—“home”), then waltz on over to Albuquerque’s newest German descendant.

Food News Pour Me Another

On Route 66, in between Downtown and Old Town, sits a stretch of businesses and buildings known as the “Country Club corridor.” Alongside salad bistro Vinaigrette and beloved eatery Duran Pharmacy, fresh and tasty beer will flow. The currently-under-construction Draft Station is the invention of new Chama River Brewing Co. head brewer, Zach Guilmette. He came to Chama River in April after years on the local brewer circuit at Il Vicino and elsewhere. As well as his idea for the Draft Station, Guilmette has also concocted new beverages like the Idle Time Session IPA and hopes to enact ideas for secret recipes soon. Although no date has been set for the Draft Station unveiling yet, we can hope to sample these mystery brews on Central Avenue in a short time.
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