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India Kitchen closing

Once upon a time there was a land ravaged with hate and sorrow, a land without Indian food. Then, in 1982, came India Kitchen (6910 Montgomery NE), New Mexico’s first Indian restaurant. It gave our world light and food that was spicy in an entirely different way than was usual in New Mexico. For 33 years the restaurant stood strong even as other Indian restaurants opened in the state. Food empires rose and fell, but now its reign has ended. Hopefully you got a farewell meal, because as of Saturday, Dec. 12, they are now gone for good.

SNAP mulls food stamp requirement changes

After having federal work requirements waived for the last 5 years, changes may be coming for the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) in New Mexico. Governor Susanna Martinez’s administration proposes bringing back a rule that certain SNAP receivers will be required to do 80 hours of community service every month. There are mixed views in this— some believe that it will give people the opportunity to learn new things and put them on the path for jobs while others express worry at the 20 hours less per week people would have to look for jobs and work.

Food trucks brace for 100 foot limit

APD has started warning food truck vendors that in January it will begin issuing tickets for violations of a new ordinance that prohibits food trucks from setting up shop within 100 feet of a brick-and-mortar restaurant. According to KOB, many vendors are expressing concern that this new rule will effectively kill the food truck scene in high-density locations like Downtown, which had previously been one of the more lucrative areas for trucks to set up shop. The Albuquerque city council passed the controversial ordinance in September despite widespread criticism.

Man arrested for stealing mother’s posole

Everyone knows mom’s posole is best. But what if your mom doesn’t like you and won’t give you any? A Burque man was faced with just this dilemma recently and his solution was not the best. Did he try and be nice until she caved? Guilt-trip her? Get another family member to get some for him? Nope, according to a police report, he simply broke in and stole it. After the mother found her gate broken and the pot missing she gave his description to the authorities. He was arrested on a charge of residential burglary.

Uber’s new frontier and Frontier’s new Uber

On Dec. 9, ride-sharing service Uber and Frontier Restaurant combined forces to test drive a new food delivery service. Breakfast burritos and sweet rolls were delivered for a fee. Many participated and food was distributed all over town. Though it was only a one-time experiment, Uber called it a success and remarked that Albuquerque and Santa Fe are markets that need this kind of service. Keep watch in 2016 for more breakfast burritos delivered á la car.
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