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Justice Served At Nosh Deli

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The employees at Nosh Jewish Delicatessan and Bakery can serve their delectable fare with an easier mind after the FBI apprehended a local man in connection to anti-Semitic threats made towards the deli’s owner in early 2014. John W. Ng, 58, appeared in court on a federal hate crime charge days after his arrest on March 7. The criminal complaint alleged that Ng threatened the victim, Nosh owner Alisa Turtletaub, and interfered with her business based on her religion in violation of federal law. The notes, posted between Jan. 22 and Feb. 8 of this year, included death threats and anti-Semitic slurs. The inflammatory notes, written on mailing labels, were affixed to the entrance of the restaurant and to nearby poles. If convicted, Ng—who claims that Jews have been drugging his food for two decades—could face up to one year in prison.

Food News Subway Corp Pops Up In Pop ‘N’ Taco Fight

Ty Bannerman
The fate of one of the most highly visible vacant spaces in Albuquerque may be determined sometime soon. The former Pop ‘N’ Taco building in East Downtown (EDo) has been the subject of debate between a local Subway franchise owner and the EDo and Huning Highland Neighborhood Associations. Jonathan Pohl, the Subway franchisee, proposed to convert the building into a drive-through and pedestrian friendly Subway sandwich shop last year. Although the owners of the building sanctioned the new business idea, Pohl has met resistance from the neighborhood associations and EDo developer Rob Dickson. The community groups appealed to Albuquerque’s Zoning Hearing Examiner and the Zoning Board of Appeals, which denied Pohl’s proposal. Now, however, the Subway Corporation has stepped in to contest the denial of the drive-through. The appeal will initially go before the Land Use Hearing Officer of the City Council on March 19 and proceed, as needed, from there.

Food News Hotel Andaluz Anniversary Relives The Past

Opened in 1939 by New Mexico native Conrad Hilton, Hotel Andaluz has hosted thousands of guests over the last 75 years. Since its lofty beginnings (it was the tallest building in New Mexico at the time of its opening), the location has seen some ups and downs, but is currently enjoying a renaissance thanks to its new owners and the opening of MÁS Tapas y Vino restaurant onsite. To celebrate the upcoming June anniversary, Andaluz will hold themed events tied to each decade the hotel has seen business. The first event, to take place on March 29, will include swing music of the 1940s and feature the March cocktail of the month, the Manhattan Project.

Ty Bannerman

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